Jesus welcomed the people, taught them about the Kingdom of God and healed those in need. Luke 9:11

Healing for Parental Wounds in Men and Women

Our lives are very much affected by the way our parents related to us and raised us. Many of us carry wounding from our fathers and mothers which directly affects the way we relate to others, including our own children. God designed families to be safe places of unconditional love and acceptance.

Parents ought to reflect the Father heart of God to their children, nurturing them with godly instruction, discipline, safety, and modelling. The reality of our lives however often reflects the truth that where our parents did not receive these things in their upbringing, they have been unable to give them to us. Hence we carry woundings of action and omission.

This powerfully impacting weekend course is designed to help us recognise the reality that our parents were not perfect, and that we have been affected by the way they raised us. There will be opportunities to receive prayer ministry into some of these areas of wounding and to be encouraged to draw closer to our perfect parent - our Heavenly Father.

Topics covered include:

  • God's plan for families 
  • The father-wound in men 
  • The father-wound in women 
  • The mother-wound in men
  • The mother-wound in women 
  • The legacy of parental wounds 
  • Are we slaves or sons?
  • Renewing our patterns of thinking & behaviour

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