Jesus welcomed the people, taught them about the Kingdom of God and healed those in need. Luke 9:11
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For the first time ever, I experienced what it was to be loved by God, to know Him as my tender Father and to rejoice in that love. I was important and I mattered to Him and that totally changed my perspective of myself and of Him. I will always treasure that weekend because God did many amazing and.... Read More...

Getting to the Root of Fear and Lies

Do you have a particular fear that often stops you doing things you would love to do or feel God might be calling you to do? Perhaps you just find that in certain situations you are unable to experience God's deep peace because your mind is overwhelmed with worry?

Fear and lies are two of Satan's most powerful tools. He uses them to keep us in bondage and to hold us back from all that God has for us. However, Jesus Christ has done everything it takes to set us free and release us into our God-given destiny.

God does not intend us to be overwhelmed with fear, anxiety and worry. His will is that we should be at perfect peace in Him. This course will look in depth at how fear & lies enter our lives, how they control us and how we can be totally free in Jesus' name.

You will be able to receive personal prayer ministry from our trained ministry team who will be asking God to reveal the roots of your issues and then seeking to deal with them effectively to bring long lasting freedom in Jesus' name.

Some common fears that control us and hold us back are:

Fear of rejection
Fear of public speaking
Fear of flying
Fear of abandonment
Fear of the dark
Fear of intimacy
Fear of being loved
Fear of the future

Some common lies that control us and hold us back are:

"God doesn't really love or care about me"
"I'm a failure"
"I'll never be good enough"
"Men cannot be trusted"
"All men will abuse me"
"God doesn't speak to me"

Often with lies, we know in our heads that they are not true, but deep inside we still believe them. Our behaviour comes out of what we believe deep inside, therefore it is so important that we allow God to remove the lies and replace them with His truth which sets us free.

If you find that your thoughts or behaviour are affected by such fears and lies, we encourage you to come on this weekend course and allow God to show you the roots and to get freedom from them once and for all.

I sought the LORD, and he answered me; he delivered me from all my fears.
Psalm 34:4

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