Jesus welcomed the people, taught them about the Kingdom of God and healed those in need. Luke 9:11

Free Teaching Day: God's Answer to Depression

A Free Teaching Day led by David and Denise Cross (Executive Leaders, Ellel Ministries International)

With increasing pressures on all sides, nearly a fifth of the UK population suffer anxiety and depression, and that number is growing.  Certain questions arise from this statistic, not least of which, ‘What causes depression?’ and, ‘What hope is there for a sufferer?’ 

This special day seeks to answer these questions and others from a Biblical perspective, building renewed hope for those who suffer from depression, those affected by others with the illness and those who want to minister more effectively into other people’s lives.

David and Denise will look at the reasons why people struggle as well as a way to move forward, providing a new way of facing the illness; one where there is hope for a future that is depression free.


Free Teaching Days

The day runs from 10am - 4:15pm and is free of charge with complimentary refreshments served on arrival and during the day. A buffet lunch can be booked for £7 per person and must be pre-ordered.

Please book in advance of the day.

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