Jesus welcomed the people, taught them about the Kingdom of God and healed those in need. Luke 9:11

Foundations for the Healing Ministry

Foundations for the Healing Ministry is an ideal place to start if you

  • want to grow in Christian discipleship and fulfil your potential for Jesus
  • or have an interest in the healing ministry
  • or you are involved in pastoral ministry
  • or you are a new Christian and want to grow
  • It is also the first course of the wonderful, life-changing Modular School

You will hear 'living testimonies' of how God heals His children today, as well as learning rarely-taught scriptural foundations for health, healing and wholeness. Jesus encourages us to live in the Kingdom of God. What does this really mean and can it be done? For us to have a positive view of healing, it is essential for us to know, in our real life experience, the character of God as Creator and Father. Some of the topics:

God's provision for healing

Explains the work of the cross and how the Holy Spirit releases God's power into the life of the believer. Also how the Bible is 'God's manual' for Kingdom living. The process of discipleship is an integral part of healing.

The conflict of flesh and spirit

The importance of the will in deciding to walk in the Spirit and overcome the flesh.

Why some people are not healed

Understanding some of the reasons why people are not healed provides vital keys to the healing process.

Keys to Life

What it really means for you to be set free in Christ.

There will be opportunity to receive some personal prayer ministry. 


Modular School

Foundations for the Healing Ministry is the first course of the Modular School and is also an excellent stand-alone course. 

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