Jesus welcomed the people, taught them about the Kingdom of God and healed those in need. Luke 9:11
For years I longed for intimacy with my Father. It was getting me down because I had reached a place of giving’m happy I’m alive. Love being me… being a loved, created, adopted child of God belonging to Him ... This has been the BEST course ever.... Read More...


Welcome to the Let’s Talk podcast by Ellel Ministries. Throughout the podcasts Andy & Cath Taylor (with guests along the way) will be looking at struggles we can all face and sharing some of the keys to freedom that are found in Scripture and how to practically deal with things that are out of order in our lives. Whoever you are and wherever you come from, you are welcome to join us as we journey together – real people, with real issues, drawing close together to a real life-changing God! Andy & Cath Taylor are Executive Leaders with Ellel International and Andy is the UK National Director and Deputy International Director.



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Are we defined by what we do and our achievements, the number of children we have, if we are married or single? If so, does that make some people worth more than others? Maybe in the world’s eyes but thankfully God has a different calculator! Some of us hunger to know our true worth from a deep place of uncertainty and insecurity – a fear that the opposite is true and we are indeed “irrelevant”. Others find their value in life around them… all good until life changes and those things are stripped away! In this podcast, Andy and Cath talk about who and what truly defines us and how that foundation can be strong even if everything around us shakes!


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Hope for the Depressed!

Today’s podcast sees Andy and Cath joined by Robert Steel (the Director at Glyndley Manor). Robert shares his own personal journey out of depression and the restoration and hope that God brought to his life. We hope today's episode will encourage you in your own walk – whether you struggle with depression personally, know a friend who struggles, or are simply aware of the big issue it is in today’s society.



How to Deal with Hurt & Offence

Hurts and offences can hide deep in our heart, rising up at the most unwanted, unexpected of times. Now is a good time to look at what is stored away and do business with the Lord over it. In this episode Andy and Cath talk about the reality of the struggle to forgive and release but also the Lord’s heart to bring His healing. It’s not easy but it’s worth it!



God's Not Finished Yet!

God wants to encourage us all that the story in our lives is not yet finished! He is at work, whether we see it or not. He has a plan! There is hope! Perhaps you feel in a time of desert or wilderness – God wants you to know He is with you and we can trust Him.




Overwhelm affects us all and can have a significant impact on our lives. In this podcast we'll look at the different ways in which overwhelm can affect us and how we can find God in the midst of it.