Jesus welcomed the people, taught them about the Kingdom of God and healed those in need. Luke 9:11
This week has been so relaxing and He knew that that is what I needed at this time. The whole ‘Blairmore House experience’ has been far above anything I could have imagined. Although a great deal of planning and organisation went on behind the scenes, there was outward evidence of God’s presence.... Read More...
Archive Videos

Classic Ellel Videos from the Archive

This page contains videos from the Foundations for Healing (formerly Truth and Freedom) and Living the Life series. They were recorded a number of years ago but still contain great truths about the healing heart of God.


Foundations for Healing Series

with Peter Horrobin (Founder & International Director)

1. What is healing and why do I need it?


2. Foundations for Healing - Part 1


3. Foundations for Healing - Part 2


4. Healing, Discipleship & the Laws of God


5. The Healing and Deliverance Ministry of Jesus - Part 1


6. The Healing and Deliverance Ministry of Jesus - Part 2


7. Inner Healing & Emotional Wholeness - Part 1


8. Inner Healing & Emotional Wholeness - Part 2


9. Healing through Forgiveness - Part 1


10. Healing through Forgiveness - Part 2


11. Understanding Deliverance - Part 1


12. Understanding Deliverance - Part 2


13. Overcoming Rejection - Part 1


14. Overcoming Rejection - Part 2


15. Sex and Sexuality - Part 1


16. Sex and Sexuality - Part 2


17. Fear and how to Overcome it


18. The Truth Shall Set You Free


More to follow...