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Israel Tour 2018

Ellel Ministries International is holding another tour of Israel in November 2018. In this article you can read a first-hand account from someone who attended a previous tour and you can also download the brochure for this year's tour.

My Experience...

Ever since I had visited Israel for a first time, I had always wanted to take a tour group to Israel to have a unique experience of the Land and its people.  Recently, I had that opportunity and I want to encourage you to visit Israel on this tour too.  It was important for me and my group to hear about the life in the Land from people who live there and were able to tell us about their joys and their challenges. My goal was to understand more about the reality there.

Steve, our representative in the Land, will take you to meet with very interesting people who otherwise you wouldn't talk to. The tour has a very good mix of visiting Biblical sites, places of the modern state of Israel and meeting Believers. It gives a wonderful insight into the diversity of Israel.

The highlight of the tour for me and most delegates in my group was the day in Samaria. We met with different people who live there and they told us about their lives. It helped me, as I listen to the news in a different way now.

Israel became more and more alive to me! Israel is not just a country anymore, but faces, hearts and real people. I would recommend this tour to you with all my heart. I would do it again if I had the opportunity.

Download the full brochure now...