Jesus welcomed the people, taught them about the Kingdom of God and healed those in need. Luke 9:11

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Healing through Creativity by Fiona Horrobin

Healing through Creativity is coming up in November! God is using the vehicle of creativity to bring profound healing. Yet creativity is not, as some people think, just about crafts or learning a skill – it is a dynamic God uses to be a bridge from our heads into our hearts where the key to lasting healing lies.
One person wrote, “I now have a confidence I have never had before, my negativity has gone and I am finding everything has changed! I no longer pick bones in what I do but instead like what I do.”
Another person wrote, “God met me in such a deep place I had no idea was there, in the dancing I felt His arms around me undoing years of abuse I had suffered.”
A recent testimony of healing through creativity came from a man who was healed of life long asthma. God touched him back to the time of his earliest life whilst making a mess in the messy room.
With around ten different aspects ranging from playing with clay, using the potters wheel, having a go at painting, dancing, felting, woodwork, sewing, fun with banners and making paper aeroplanes to just making a mess, there is something for everyone. Creativity is not simply something we do but it is who we are and Creator God touches us deeply through it. 
God knows the deepest needs of our hearts and through expression of our creativity He can bring real healing to our lives. It is so easy to lose ourselves through the pressures, busyness and battles in life so this course is such a helpful way to find God afresh and in so doing find ourselves. Our experienced team will be around to help you in what is essentially time as God’s Family which brings healing and wholeness on every level. These are truly times when God is present to heal.
I hope to see you there!

Fiona Horrobin 

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