Jesus welcomed the people, taught them about the Kingdom of God and healed those in need. Luke 9:11
When I came here I was hurting very much and my trust towards God had deep frictions. I was afraid the ministry would aim at breaking my will, at making me conform and fit the model of a ‘super Christian’ again...but it didn't! Quite on the contrary, God wooed me and whispered His love to me.... Read More...

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Ellel International Mission Appeal 2019

"What no one ever saw or heard, what no one ever thought could happen, is the very thing God prepared for those who love him."  (1 Corinthians 2:9 GNB)

Dear Friends,

This is the time of year when we unashamedly invite all those who know and love the ministry of Jesus, through Ellel, to stand with us financially for the international work. Our hearts are full to overflowing with thanksgiving for what God is doing.

Blessings Beyond!

The work in Russia and Eastern Europe has expanded beyond all expectations. Over a 100 people have booked in on the next school in Siberia. Over 350 people are doing the new Explore modular school in Romania. The Kenya team have just restored an old garage for their main meeting room – but it’s already too small. In Rwanda there are 40 people on the monthly modular school passionate for the training. God is on the move and our teams are struggling to keep up!

Fiona has just returned from Malaysia where she and a creativity team have been teaching 170 Chinese people from all over East Asia. In the Middle East..., In Israel..., In Belarus..., In Denmark... I could go on and on and on and on rejoicing in the blessings but, at the same time, very much aware of unfilled needs.

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Pressing on!

Ellel Centres have been described as "oases in the desert" – places where people can be refreshed, healed and restored for the next stage of life’s journey. Over thirty years have passed since the work began but, as a ministry, we are still, in Paul’s words, "straining towards what lies ahead – pressing on towards the goal".

The Need

In 2019 we will be sending over £75,000 to our centres in Egypt, Eastern Europe, India and Israel to underwrite the costs of the incredible work going on there. Additionally, the Head Office serves the whole ministry by being responsible for many vital and costly functions, such as a new website and the development of the Explore programme of teaching, which is then made available to all the centres around the world.

Making a Donation

So, once again I am writing to ask if you would join with us in the work of the ministry, by making as generous a gift as possible towards our 2019 Mission Appeal. Our aim is to raise £100,000.

I pray you will be willing to help with a donation now and, if you are able, a regular monthly gift. Every contribution matters, large or small. Many people sharing the load can achieve a great deal.

You can contribute now by clicking the button below which takes you directly to our secure online donation form. You will also be able to donate using your own currency (please note that The Christian Trust will be shown on the PayPal website - this is the UK Registered Charity name that Ellel Ministries operates under).

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If you would rather donate by sending in a cheque, please make it payable to 'Ellel Ministries' and send to: 2019 Mission Appeal, Ellel Grange, Bay Horse, Lancaster, LA2 0HN, UK. You can also give by direct bank transfer - please click here for details or contact Ellel Grange by replying to this email.

We value your support so very much. We covet your prayers for the teams as they fulfil God’s call and we are deeply grateful for the giving which makes it all possible. Thank you!

With love in the Lord Jesus,

Peter Horrobin
Founder and International Director