Jesus welcomed the people, taught them about the Kingdom of God and healed those in need. Luke 9:11

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Ellel in the Middle East

Ellel is at work in the Middle East - a cauldron of intense spiritual pressure. Israel and the surrounding Muslim nations are constantly in the news. Attacks on believers are rife, with many being killed in recent months in Egypt. In Israel tensions are constantly high as the surrounding nations challenge the right of the country to even exist. And the terrible devastation left by the horrors of the so-called Islamic State is constantly in the news.

In the midst of such pressure and chaos God is doing an amazing work. Ellel’s work in Israel is well-established, bringing hope and healing to believers across the various Jewish, Arab and Russian-speaking communities. In Israel the body of Messianic believers is growing fast.

And Ellel now has a growing team in other parts of the Middle East who are ministering God's love and healing to many in the region. In the Muslim world people are turning to Christ and we can report that God is doing a remarkable work of healing and evangelism through members of our team. They are training leaders, ministering to many and travelling around the region sharing the wonderful truth that Jesus Christ heals today. The team are so encouraged by the doors that God is opening and the level of hunger among the people. 

We wish we could give you more details of what God is doing, for there is real cause to rejoice and give thanks – as well as to be on our knees in intercession for the workers in Israel and the surrounding nations, who are at the forefront of an amazing pioneering work. Please pray for them, for their safety and for God to bless this precious work of His.

The work of Ellel Ministries in the Middle East is funded mostly from the headquarters at Ellel Grange. If you would like to support the international work of Ellel Ministries please below to make either a one-off or regular donation.

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