Jesus welcomed the people, taught them about the Kingdom of God and healed those in need. Luke 9:11
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Image #789Weekend Event

28 Feb

Getting to the Root of the Problem

28 February - 1 March 2020 (Fri - Sun) at Ellel Pierrepont

Have you been prayed for repeatedly for the same issue and yet it never seems to shift? Perhaps the prayer has not gone to the root of the problem.

Image #553Weekend Event

28 Feb

Healing for Parental Wounds

28 February - 1 March 2020 (Fri - Sun) at Belfast Bible College

If our earthly relationships with our parents have been destructive or damaging, we often find it difficult to relate to God. This powerful weekend course helps us recognise areas in which we may have been wounded so we can receive healing from our perfect parent.

Image #587Two Day Event

6 Mar


6 - 7 March 2020 (Fri - Sat) at Ellel Grange

For many of us fear and anxiety are regular companions along our life journey. This course will share how the Lord longs to show us the freedom that is in Him when we can learn to fully trust Him and bring the worries of our heart to Him. There will be teaching on steps to finding freedom in Jesus’ name and opportunity for prayer ministry.

Image #571Weekend Event

6 Mar

Inside Out

6 - 7 March 2020 (Fri - Sat) at Ellel Pierrepont

In this course we will investigate how God made each person and how the various parts of our being work together to develop the whole personhood. Together we will explore how the inner being is adversely affected by past experiences and consider some of the possible outworking of inner damage and the associated pain.

Image #792One Day Event

7 Mar

Free Teaching Day: Freedom from Rejection

7 March 2020 (Sat) at Ellel Glyndley Manor

Being rejected can have a massive impact on our lives and those who struggle with rejection know that it affects the way we think and feel, the way we see ourselves, and the way we interact with others. Join us for this one-day course to discover how God can bring healing to the roots of rejection and enable you to walk with joy and confidence – loving God, loving yourself and loving others.

Image #686Two Day Event

13 Mar

God's Plumbline

13 - 14 March 2020 (Fri - Sat) at Ellel Grange

We live in times of much turmoil and confusion. As people have let go of God's truth, insecurity and chaos has pervaded our society. Even within the church we can get conflicting messages, unhealthy extremes and wrong teaching. This course will help you build your life on God's Word, grow in discernment and avoid and be set free from deception.

Image #647Weekend Event

13 Mar

Picking up the Pieces

13 - 14 March 2020 (Fri - Sat) at Ellel Pierrepont

Sudden accidents or traumas can lead to long-term consequences in our physical body and also in our inner being. This course will explore what it really means to be broken in soul and spirit by accidents and traumas, and how the promise of Jesus to 'bind up broken hearts' can bring wonderful restoration and healing to the whole of our being.

Image #643Weekend Event

13 Mar


13 - 14 March 2020 (Fri - Sat) at Ellel Glyndley Manor

This course will explore the ways in which our beliefs about God, others and ourselves are formed and how these beliefs, when out of sync with God’s truth, cause behaviour in our lives which is destructive. It will share God’s heart to ‘rewire’ our beliefs with His truth, break us out of wrong behaviour cycles and find freedom in Him.

Image #772Weekend Event

20 Mar

Men for God

20 - 22 March 2020 (Fri - Sun) at Ellel Grange

Relevant male issues such as headship, the call to manhood, overcoming sexual temptation, the godly expression of emotions, including anger, and restoration from failure.

Image #767Weekend Event

20 Mar

Healing for Women

20 - 22 March 2020 (Fri - Sun) at Ellel Grange

This course is for women of all ages and backgrounds. The sensitive and practical teaching is specifically related to women and women's issues.

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