Jesus welcomed the people, taught them about the Kingdom of God and healed those in need. Luke 9:11

Impact - 20 Days of Teaching & Equipping

at Blairmore House, Huntly, Scotland

Impact is a 20 day concentrated programme of teaching and practical ministry experience, designed to better equip you to fulfil Jesus' commission to bring healing others, as well as to experience greater personal wholeness in your own life.

It is primarily designed for those who want to be further equipped to minister to people in need of the healing touch of Jesus. Often popular with pastors and leaders, this course requires a good level of Christian maturity to make the most of the concentrated teaching schedule and practical workshops.

Alongside the training, there will be times of personal ministry, where guests can apply the teaching to their own personal struggles to enable them to move forward in finding and fulfilling their calling.


"It was just the right length. The teaching went far beyond my expectations. I didn’t realise so much could be covered in the 20 days and the ministry time was utterly amazing!"

Teaching Format & Content

The first part of the programme provides core biblical teaching on the healing ministry of Jesus. This lays an essential scriptural basis for understanding Kingdom principles relating to healing. The practical application of these principles to common problems in people’s lives is then explored.

The second part of the programme provides practical teaching and experience of healing ministry under the supervision of the Ellel prayer ministry team.

Through the 20 days, the teaching naturally grows from the core foundations through to the practical details of how to minister effectively into a person’s life. Once the Biblical foundations are laid, the teaching explores deeper into specific topics so you can gain a fuller understanding of the healing ministry and how it all fits together.

Along the way there will be times of discussion, group sessions and worksheets to consolidate your learning experience and times of personal prayer ministry to allow God to work through your personal issues. Most evenings are kept free for rest, with some times of worship, fellowship and creativity times also included.

Foundational truth covered:

  • The authority and power in Jesus
  • Moving under the anointing of the Holy Spirit
  • Wholeness in body, soul and spirit

Topics covered:

  • Healing from rejection – acceptance and belonging
  • Healing from emotional damage
  • Restoring the human spirit
  • Renewing of mindsets, belief systems and behaviours
  • Accident and trauma (post-traumatic disorders)
  • Generational iniquity and ungodly relationship ties
  • Deliverance ministry
  • Fear and anxiety
  • Right relationships
  • Godly sex and sexuality
  • Principles of prayer ministry
  • Prayer and intercession
"As a pastor I came here desperately trying to see a way forward into the lives of others who are broken and dysfunctional. You certainly have equipped me tremendously and I am thankful for that."

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