Moving on with the Father | 3 Apr 2020 | Ellel Ministries UK
Jesus welcomed the people, taught them about the Kingdom of God and healed those in need. Luke 9:11
One Day Event

3 April 2020


Ellel Grange

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Moving on with the Father

Deepening the most important of all relationships

One of the most amazing truths of the Gospel message is that through Jesus we can experience the reality of having God as our Father.

However, understanding in our minds that God is a loving Father and truly believing it in our hearts can seem like two very different things. In the reality of day-to-day life many of us struggle to really connect to God as our heavenly Father even though we may long to do so.

During this event, taught by Andy Taylor (Director of Ellel Grange), we will look at the fatherly nature God, how He longs to draw us closer as His children and how we can deal with issues that stop us from entering into the fullness of relationship with Him. We will explore how past experiences and hurts, significant role models and our own sinful nature can distort our view of God making it difficult to accept His truth in our hearts. The teaching will offer keys to finding freedom from these issues and there will also be opportunity to receive prayer ministry.

So, come along for a day of teaching that could change your daily life and help you enter into a deeper experience of being a child of God.

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Registration will begin at 9am. The first session will start at 10am and the day will end at 4pm.

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