Overcoming Loss, Grief and Depression | 28 Sep 2019 | Ellel Ministries UK
Jesus welcomed the people, taught them about the Kingdom of God and healed those in need. Luke 9:11
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28 September 2019


Ellel Pierrepont

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Overcoming Loss, Grief and Depression

When there is a loss in our life (where someone/something of value has been taken from us)... grief is supposed to follow. But when we are unable to grieve appropriately - for whatever reason - the result can be depression or persistent grief.

How do I know whether I have fully grieved? What really causes depression? This one day course will help to bring God's answers to these questions and draws from the ministry experience of many years.

This will be an invaluable day for those in pastoral care of others as well as for anyone who has suffered deep loss or finds themselves depressed and is unsure how God wants to heal them. 

Limited ministry time will be available.

Learn how to move on into life, even after a deep loss.

Event Details

Registration is from 8:45am-9:20am and the course begins with worship at 9:30am.. The course concludes at approximately 5pm.

Further details will be sent with your booking confirmation, but please feel free to contact us with any questions – see contact info on the right side of this page.

Children: Due to the sensitive nature of our courses we do not allow any children under 18 years into the teaching venues or on any courses.

Booking: Full payment is required to secure your booking.

Meals: We offer a set menu for our main meal and a salad bar for our light meal (usually with soup). We apologise for any inconvenience but we are unable to cater for any special diets such as vegetarian or vegan and we cannot guarantee that any of our food is wheat, dairy, nut, gluten or yeast free.

*Ellel Ministries is an organisation with the primary purpose of teaching the principles and practice of traditional biblical Christianity.


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