Jesus welcomed the people, taught them about the Kingdom of God and healed those in need. Luke 9:11


Diana And Nigel

I broke up with Nigel after a two-year very loving and close relationship in our late teens/early twenties which should have led to marriage (1969-71). Due to some difficult circumstances we encountered at the time, I became very angry, which caused my heart to harden. This changed me so quickly and it continued in many ways over the next years. But in my early 30's I found God and He set me free to be me again. Nigel was devastated to lose me and his life spiralled down and he became badly affected by the pain he carried over the next 34 years until he also found God in his mid 50's.

It was before Nigel's salvation in 2005 that we later realised God had already planned to bring us back together and at a time when we had been on our own for some years having gone through two broken relationships each and our lifestyles were literally poles apart! After Nigel was saved God began to reveal His plan for us to be together but I knew that Nigel needed the right kind of ministry to be delivered from strongholds and cleaned up from past relationships, just as I had previously received, so that we could enter into marriage without all our baggage. In my early years as a Christian, God provided me with prayer ministry from a lady who was training at Ellel Grange so I knew about their invaluable work and asked Nigel to go there to receive ministry for himself.

The only available course before we were due to be married in 6 months time was 'Acceptance & Belonging 1' which Nigel found to be perfect for his situation. Amazingly the personal ministry time happened to take place on a significant date-November 12th, the date of our first date in 1969 AND when we had split up in 1971 and it dealt with all his rejections including mine, as well as his major 'hiding places' over the next 34 years of his life.

After this there was one more important thing that I talked to God about which needed to happen before we could marry. It was the issue of Nigel being cleansed of all his many past various relationships. I left this in God's hands and at the 11th hour so to speak, He provided the right occasion for this to be done, which was on the weekend before our wedding, the only Marriage Course Ellel Grange did each year!

Thank you Lord and thank you Ellel Grange for everything you did for us through the ministry of the Holy Spirit and the teaching of the Word of God. Without it we would not have been able to enter into our marriage and be able to make a success of our relationship. After 6 years of marriage, we are so very much in love and thank God for our reconciliation to Him and to each other and the restoration from our past sin to be who we were meant to be as individuals and as a married couple.