Jesus welcomed the people, taught them about the Kingdom of God and healed those in need. Luke 9:11



My husband Al and I did stages 1 and 2 of NETS in 2009/2010. It was, and remains the most significant, precious and wonderful period of our entire lives and we are still experiencing the huge benefits and blessings we received from being at Pierrepont for those months.

We were more senior members of the large group who came from about 23 different countries. The age range was 18 - 77 and the diversity of the group was extraordinary, but all one in Christ Jesus. For me it was a foretaste of heaven. I loved the gathering of the nations and enjoy so many treasured memories of so many people, for whom we still pray.

We came (our agenda) to be trained to 'do' healing prayer ministry, yet throughout the course we didn't number ourselves among those whose gifting was so obvious. We both experienced the blessing of healing of past hurts and trauma.

On our return to Australia, grieving for the life we had left behind, we were confronted with family tragedy and were and still are committed to supporting the shocked and grieving. All we had gained really helped to prepare us for this time.

I wondered if I would ever be involved in healing prayer ministry, however the Lord is sovereign and His timing is perfect and I am now a member of Sonrise Family Ministries working with the Tuesday team. I was reluctant at first but was encouraged by the leadership there and it has now become a blessing and a joy to see the way the Lord so graciously chooses to work through us to bring His blessing, healing, deliverance and comfort to those who come for ministry. I am overwhelmed by the privilege.

Seeds were also sown regarding the nation of Israel. I recall being transfixed by Murray Dixon's teaching and strongly believe that the Lord was sowing seeds in us, even though we were completely unaware of it. We now attend a Messianic congregation in Melbourne every Shabbat and are growing in knowledge and love for the Jewish people. Our faith is being deeply enriched by tapping into the roots of our faith. We are unsure at this point what God's purpose is for us regarding this connection.

I would also like to praise and thank God for a miraculous physical healing I received.

Joe and Ruth Hawkey were visiting Pierrepont and teaching us. One day just after lunch, Ruth stood at the front of the Conference Hall and said she sensed the Lord was wanting to do some physical healing, so would we all put our hands on the part of our body we would like Him to heal. I had a hand condition which was troubling me so I put my hands together. At the end of the prayer they remained unchanged, however I had also been experiencing terrible pain in my knees for a long time and one of my knees kept slipping out of joint. I didn't know that I had been healed at the time, but from that day to this, I have had no trouble with my knees at all.

NETS can stand for Never Ever The Same. We were told that once a person had done NETS they would never be the same, which is true, but I didn't feel the difference immediately. The spiritual development that has taken place in my life since is where I see the long term effects of the time we spent at Pierrepont.