Jesus welcomed the people, taught them about the Kingdom of God and healed those in need. Luke 9:11


Valerie Anne Watkins

Awesome God! ......I have just returned from Blairmore. I have always been amazed at the consistent kindness in ministry at Ellel, and Blairmore continued this tradition beyond expectations. The teachings were very well spaced, not too much, but sufficient for wounded spirits. The creativity brought breakthroughs I had neither expected nor hoped for. From confused understanding thru wounding, I was brought to new levels of forgiveness and peace, thanks to my very perceptive and patient mentors.

I love my husband but there has been a lot of pain, misunderstanding and childhood rejection in us both, our marriage seemed to be lacking something heart to heart, and spirit to spirit. As I forgave and then gave my 44 years marriage to the Lord for His Glory I got such a peace and it was so easy to return and see each other thru Jesus eyes in a renewed way...delighting in what we had received - he at Glyndley and me in Scotland. 

I am wary of discussion groups, but they were so well lead. There was a lot of snoring and I concluded it was partially a problem with our clay vessels but also an element of infirmity and a divisive spirit trying to get us upset. I believe Holy Spirit maintained the precious unity. This was a wonderful week, words are not enough, I just want to give Jesus all the Love He has given me! Blairmore is special and I am thankful I was guided to go there. Shalom, shalom, the Lord bless and keep you all.