Jesus welcomed the people, taught them about the Kingdom of God and healed those in need. Luke 9:11


Lou Jupe

I find myself in a state of complete awe, because I know l've really just GOT IT...thinking that I can't talk about childhood trauma is a LIE! I've been making excuses for what has happened in time past, always thinking "well its done! Move on .. forget, don't talk about it". Feeling guilt for even thinking about talking about it, feeling disloyal. I've realised I've been so conditioned, so absorbed with logic and reasoning, that I had missed a massive point!! It's not about judging or condemning anyone, it's about knowing that God had ME in those times, that Jesus loved me and holds me so close that it doesn't even matter who ..where...when...because as I go back there, He will be there. I have to go back to go forward. And it is hard and it can feel cruel because the enemy wants you to avoid it, but it is so LIBERATING. I've gone the very long way around but as I sit here I'm so glad I have, because God's timing is so very perfect. And I now KNOW who I am in Him.

  • Event: Modular School