Jesus welcomed the people, taught them about the Kingdom of God and healed those in need. Luke 9:11


Jan Taylor

A wonderful testimony-poem: LONGINGS. I reached out to you with all my heart, Lies filled my mind and kept us apart, I cried out but did not break through, Fear stopped me from reaching you. Suddenly Your glorious light poured in, Exposing all my darkness, pain and sin, Humility and honesty opened up the way, For the beginning of yet another new day. Forgiveness opened my prison door, So that You could heal me even more, The freedom from the wounds within, Means that I, in Your victory, win. This made me want You even more, With your wings I once again soared, My heart started singing of your grace, And now I long to meet you face to face. I long to rise and meet you in the air, But I want to see the people I love there, Help me Jesus to reveal something of You, For I want them to see that in me you are true. Help me to live in the light of Your word, So that the right message is seen and heard, For I have considered and counted the cost, To reach out and win those who are lost. Draw me deeper into a life with You, I long for more of a breaking through, To truly journey into Your heart for me, in such a way that those around can see. I want to live my life to please You, But I need You to help me so to do, Give me your strength and power, For each and every day and hour. My desire for You is growing stronger, I cannot live without You any longer, For You are at the centre of my heart, I know now that we shall never be apart. One day, but at the end of my earthly race, I will meet You and see Your beautiful face, And, with those who have come to love You, Celebrate all that You have done and will do. On that day our voices in unison raising, We will all sing our songs of rejoicing, Because we will meet the King that we adore, The one with whom we will live forever more.