Jesus welcomed the people, taught them about the Kingdom of God and healed those in need. Luke 9:11
I've had the real me locked away for so long. I've had a cupboard full of pain, rejection, anger, etc. into which I kept stuffing more and kept the door tightly closed on it all. This week God enabled me to open the cupboard doors and look into the big black hole. He went in there with me and cleaned.... Read More...



I must say Ellel Ministries has been a tremendous blessing to me. My first time at Ellel Grange was the Growing In Love courses. I had just lost my husband of 26yrs after a marriage that had so many problems. He came to the Lord about a year before he died and that was very challenging for me. I was upset that after praying so long for him to change he did, then took sick for about a year, then died. Ellel Ministries helped minister healing through those difficult times and praise be to God, I am moving forward.

It's like my second home. I have completed Prayer Ministry Skills and yet to complete Modular B. Anyone who needs healing from life situations, go to Ellel, you will be truly blessed. The hospitality is awesome. I have attended courses at Ellel Pierrepont and Glynley Manor as well. Thanks to all the teams because I am a much better person today because of this ministry.