Jesus welcomed the people, taught them about the Kingdom of God and healed those in need. Luke 9:11


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Africa and Middle East

Ellel Shere House (Pretoria) Thumbnail

Ellel Shere House (Pretoria), Pretoria

Director: Herman Redelinghuys

Ellel Africa is based at Shere House in Pretoria, South Africa. We hold a variety of events, both at the centre and at churches around South Africa. We are also the base for mission visits to other parts of Africa.

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Ellel KwaZulu-Natal Thumbnail

Ellel KwaZulu-Natal, Durban

Director: Ken Rowat
Deputy Director: Joy Rowat

Ellel KwaZulu-Natal was established in 2012 and is based near Durban, South Africa. We run training courses and healing services in the area.

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Ellel Rwanda Thumbnail

Ellel Rwanda, Kigali

Director: Lambert Bariho
Deputy Director: Catherine Bariho

Ellel Ministries Rwanda was established in August 2013. This was after 6 years of annual conferences in different parts of Rwanda run by teams mainly from Ellel Ministries South Africa. Ellel Rwanda is now established in Kigali and runs various courses and ministry events.

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Ellel Kenya Thumbnail

Ellel Kenya, Nairobi

Director: Galvan Kinyua
Deputy Director: Esther Kinyua

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Ellel Canada Ontario Thumbnail

Ellel Canada Ontario, Ontario

Director: Kent and Karen Bandy

Ellel Canada has been in Ontario since 1993 and is currently located in Westport, near Kingston Ontario. We have a special heart to serve leaders and we also offer a wide variety of training and ministry events designed for all of God’s people, both at the centre and through local churches in the area.

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Ellel USA Thumbnail

Ellel USA, Florida

Director: Matt and Becky Moore

Ellel USA was established in Florida in May 2005. We hold a number of local events but also focus on Church Visits in churches around the nation. We have a vision to establish a training and ministry center on the land in Florida.

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Ellel Colombia Thumbnail

Ellel Colombia, Armenia

Director: Not available online

Ellel Colombia is located in Armenia, Colombia. We have a desire to see God’s people healed from the traumas they have experienced, so we run training courses as well as ministry events.

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Ellel Canada West Thumbnail

Ellel Canada West, Calgary, Alberta

Director: Alexander Morrison

Ellel Canada West is located in Calgary, Alberta. We provide opportunities for training as well as offering personal prayer ministry.

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Asia Pacific

Ellel Sydney, Gilbulla Thumbnail

Ellel Sydney, Gilbulla, Sydney

Director: Paul Ryan

Ellel Australia is based at Gilbulla near Sydney, where we run a wide selection of short courses, healing retreats and longer training events. Ellel Australia started here in 2002.

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Ellel Victoria Thumbnail

Ellel Victoria, Melbourne

Leaders: Kevin and Anne Cranwell

Ellel Victoria began in 2014. We offer teaching and ministry events at various locations in this part of Australia.

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Ellel India Thumbnail

Ellel India, Mumbai

Director: George Parlekar
Deputy Director: Merlyn Parlekar

Ellel India is located in Mumbai. We have a vision to reach the vast population of India with the message of God’s healing love. We hold training and ministry events and travel to other parts of India for conferences and schools.

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Ellel Singapore Thumbnail

Ellel Singapore, Singapore

Director: Titus and Esther Soo

Ellel Singapore was established in 2005. We hold a wide variety of training and ministry events in Singapore and also have a vision to reach other nations in East Asia with the life-changing teachings about healing and discipleship.

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Ellel Aotearoa/New Zealand Thumbnail

Ellel Aotearoa/New Zealand, Christchurch

Director: Paul and Jillian Larsen-Robertson

Ellel Aotearoa/New Zealand is located in Christchurch on the South Island. We have a vision to see reconciliation and transformation in the country at every level through training in healing and discipleship.

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Ellel Malaysia Kota Kinabalu Thumbnail

Ellel Malaysia Kota Kinabalu, Sabah and Penang

Director: Thomas Thien

Ellel Malaysia operates in both Sabah and Penang. We run a wide variety of training and ministry events.

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Ellel Malaysia KL Klang Valley, Kuala Lumpur

Director: Michael & Linda Tang

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Ellel Malaysia Penang

Director: Raymond Ooi

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Ellel Germany Thumbnail

Ellel Germany, Altensteig

Director: Andreas Hefti

Ellel Germany is based in Altensteig. We work in partnership with JMS church, where we run the Modular School and other events, as well as events held at other locations.

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Ellel Hungary Thumbnail

Ellel Hungary, Budapest

Director: Tamas and Angela Kovacs

Ellel Hungary was established in 1992 and is located near Budapest. We operate many training and ministry events as well as family holiday weeks. Our base is also the home of mission work into Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union.

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Central and Eastern Europe Development Thumbnail

Central and Eastern Europe Development, Hungary

Director: Jim and Tanya Person

Ellel Central and Eastern Europe Development (CEED) is based at Ellel Hungary’s centre near Budapest. We coordinate developing works in central and eastern Europe and the countries of the former Soviet Union, through mission trips and training schools, raising up and training local people to bring God's healing to their nation.

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Russian-Language Work Thumbnail

Russian-Language Work, Ukraine

Director: Nina Rotkina

The major goal of the Russian-Language work is to train church leaders to minister to their people. We run schools of different lengths for church leaders in various parts of the former USSR.

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Ellel Nederland Thumbnail

Ellel Nederland, Baak, Netherlands

Director: Marc Schuthof

Ellel Ministries Nederland is located on a historic estate on the edge of the small village of Baak. In this beautiful God-given place we hold the Ellel courses, schools and healing retreats for our guests. Here you can enjoy the peace of this prayer room and strengthen the community, worship, Kingdom education and ministry.

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Ellel Norway Thumbnail

Ellel Norway, Kristiansand

Director: Gunvor Pernille Rekstad

Ellel Norway was established in 2005. Since 2015 we have our main base in the south of Norway, located at Ellel Grosås Centre, in Iveland community, near Kristiansand (deputy director Tor Jørgen Aabel). We run different courses and training and ministry events.

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Ellel France Thumbnail

Ellel France, St. Laurent du Pont

Director: Patrick and Valerie Chambron

Ellel France is located in St. Laurent du Pont and works with local churches, bringing training and ministry to those in need.

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Ellel Sweden Thumbnail

Ellel Sweden, Sweden

Director: Stein Westli

Ellel Sweden operates at different locations around the nation. We hold a variety of both training and ministry events.

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Ellel Switzerland

Director: Sr. Sabine Höffgen

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Ellel Romania Thumbnail

Ellel Romania, Oradea

Director: David Moza
Deputy Director: Michelle Moza

Ellel Romania was established in 2007 and is located in Oradea, in the north west of Romania. We run the Modular School and other training and ministry events, at various locations around Romania. We also run events for young adults.

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Ellel Denmark

Director: Steen and Gilly Mathiesen

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Ellel Belgium Thumbnail

Ellel Belgium, Brussels

Director: Leader - Moyra Sims

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