Jesus welcomed the people, taught them about the Kingdom of God and healed those in need. Luke 9:11
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11 April 2024

My Place

by Lindsey Hanekom

For years now I have been going to the same stony beach for a bit of personal head-space, quiet time and to just ‘be’ with God. It is an effort to get there – a thirty-minute drive each way and the weather isn’t always nice, but it is ‘my place’ and I never regret going. I was thinking about...

10 April 2024

The Samaritan Woman

by Sue Griffiths

I so love the way Jesus sees right through the facades any one of us might put up to appear acceptable to others. The Samaritan woman whom Jesus meets just outside her own home town in Samaria is one such person. She has come to the well at midday to avoid the silent treatment from the other women she...

9 April 2024

The Antidote to Disappointment

by Patricia Lake

In the busyness of our days we sometimes forget that Jesus the King of kings is waiting to be invited into all our momentary decision making. If you haven’t yet spoken personally with Him today, He’s standing in the doorway of your day, waiting for an invitation to come into the busyness of your...

8 April 2024

David and Goliath

by Graham Slattery

We too may quite often be ‘dismayed and terrified’, when we are faced with something scary. In the past for me this has included when I have had to speak up in a meeting of the Heads of Department at school, when I was about to do a practical exam as a trainee lifeguard, and when there was any spot...

7 April 2024

Beyond Deliverance

by Andy Taylor

Imagine if, every time you met me, I shouted insults and obscenities in your face. Or worse still, if I was violent towards you. Unless you are Mother Teresa, I would think you would fairly quickly avoid me. I wouldn’t be someone you’d invite over to watch the football, and if I turned up at your...

6 April 2024

A Fresh Look at the Cross

by Margaret Silvester

For me personally, this Easter has been a unique time as I have followed the journey of Jesus from the Passover meal in the upper room to the cross. I have been filled with new wonder at the suffering of Jesus for me, an undeserved sinner. I’ve been reminded of my first meeting with Jesus, in my early...

5 April 2024

Tarry a Little Longer

by Annalene Holtzhausen

This special encounter with the Lord brought with it a promise for Abraham regarding the prophecy spoken over him by the Lord in Genesis 17:4 – ‘As for Me, this is My covenant with you: You will be the father of many nations’. The Lord appeared to Abraham in the heat of the day, as he was sitting...

4 April 2024

Restoring the Broken Places

by Liz Griffin

I watched a TV programme which showed how carpets were originally made by hand in the old days. After factory machinery was invented to speed up the process, carpets were able to be woven at lightning speed. But I was surprised to see that a carpet made by a machine is not perfect. The finished product...

3 April 2024

Answering Back

by Richard Griffiths

How do we respond when someone speaks unkindly to us, or about us? Or when what they say seems so unfair? It always hurts and, when we are hurt, it’s easy to react out of hurt feelings. Hurt feelings don’t generally produce godly reactions. There’s something significant in what David says that...

2 April 2024


by Denise Cross

In the Scriptures there are many things that happened suddenly. God’s breakthroughs often come in an unexpected moment and can radically change our lives. Perhaps you have had experience of God breaking into your life suddenly, when you weren’t expecting it. Certainly, I do. Today’s verse describes...

Seeds of the Kingdom - Devotional Archive

Results per page:

Displaying 1 to 10 of 5,682 results