Jesus welcomed the people, taught them about the Kingdom of God and healed those in need. Luke 9:11
TESTIMONIESfor Ellel 365
All the teaching was exactly what I I read and listened to Peter's teachings, the Holy Spirit released me from that oppression.. I have realized that prayer is the key..the results of answers to prayer began almost immediately .... Read More...


Ellel 365 - Main Features

Ellel 365 is packed full of features that will enhance your journey through the programme. Here are the main features that you can enjoy... 

Daily Teaching

Ellel 365 begins with 52 weekly modules - available online to view or download. Each weekly module consists of five teaching days (written by Peter Horrobin), a review day and a devotional day. Unless you pause your account, a new module is released to you every week. You can work through each teaching daily, or pause your account and take as much time as you need based on your circumstances or lifestyle.

The 365 Tutorial Team & Questions Archive

Each active subscriber is able to submit questions to the Ellel 365 tutorial team relating to the teaching content. There is a large archive of previously asked questions to which new questions and answers are added regularly.

Ellel 365 is the most important thing I’ve ever done. My wife and I are on Week 49. The power of the Holy Spirit through the teaching has been tremendous. I wish I’d had this brilliant teaching when I first became a Christian – it’s reality! Every week there’s always something that impacts your life. I can really endorse Ellel 365 – it’s tremendous!

Audio & Video

You can enhance your Ellel 365 learning experience through over 100 FREE online audio and video teachings. Each week an audio teaching and a teaching video will be released for you to view and enjoy online.

Optional Online Assessment & Certification

Ellel 365 students can choose to take an optional periodic online assessment. Each assessment will be based upon the previous four weekly modules of teaching content. When you complete the 52nd weekly module there is an optional final assessment which, if passed, entitles you to the Ellel 365 Certificate of Completion.


Ellel 365 students have the option to interact online with each other through the Community Forum. This gives you the opportunity to share, compare notes about your progress and encourage one another through online discussions as you make your own personal Ellel 365 journey.