Jesus welcomed the people, taught them about the Kingdom of God and healed those in need. Luke 9:11



Life Transforming Christian Training at Ellel Pierrepont, Surrey, England

The NETS programme is Ellel Ministries’ long-term, residential training programme. Running over four ten-week stages, NETS begins with the core teachings of the ministry and then builds on this foundation to help you discover your unique calling and purpose. Through the in-depth training and times of personal ministry, NETS provides an unshakeable foundation that enables trainees to learn how to connect with others through teaching, prayer ministry and the mission trip opportunities. NETS graduates all around the world have testified to the life-transforming work the Lord has done in their lives through NETS.

Trainees may choose to complete as many stages as they wish, from just the first stage to all four. Stage 1 of the NETS programme is equivalent to the teaching content of the Flagship, Explore A/B and Modular A/B, and trainees can transfer directly on to Stage 2 after the completion of any of these courses.

Do you long to see people healed and set free when you pray for them? Do you desire more confidence in moving in the gifts of the Holy Spirit? Are you gripped by Jesus’ Great Commission? This unique programme is for every Christian aged 18 to 80+ who wants to be trained and equipped to follow their destiny in God and truly live the Christian life.

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On NETS you will receive training in healing, deliverance, personal discipleship and leadership as you embark on a journey that can transform your life and will enhance your ministry.

Those who come on NETS testify that life is Never Ever The Same afterwards!

I had no idea of the journey I had embarked on when I came on NETS. I had no idea I would receive the level of healing I did. I expected to learn head knowledge but I learned about the Father's heart. Stages 1 and 2 transformed who I was and my identity was restored. But Stages 3 and 4 brought about a fullness of the work the Lord did in the first two terms that I don't believe would have happened if I had left after Stage 2. I learned valuable leadership skills, and the support and encouragement to step out into my call has been an invaluable gift. I can sum up my experience of NETS in one simple line: NETS was nothing I had expected, but everything I had hoped for!


Ellel Pierrepont, Home of NETS

Ellel Pierrepont, Home of the NETS programme.

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