Jesus welcomed the people, taught them about the Kingdom of God and healed those in need. Luke 9:11
Modular School - Teaching Format

The Modular School - Teaching Format

The Modular School is in two parts:

Part A

Modular School Part A is run at Ellel Ministries Singapore - Zion Healing Centre as a series of 11 courses run on Thursday nights and Saturdays. Part A is designed to present key principles relating to the healing ministry and to encourage and challenge in a gentle and sensitive way. The courses are progressive in their teaching content, and for this reason students are encouraged to go through them in the established order, culminating in the Healing Workshop which gives practical experience in the healing ministry. Students will also be given fifty hours of Practicum under the supervision of an Ellel Ministry Team member.

Part B

For those who complete Modular School Part A there is a follow-on School (Modular B) which builds on the understanding gained and consists of 10 further courses. These cover major areas of need among hurting and broken people. Students on Modular B may be given the opportunity to apply what they learn in prayer ministry situations under the supervision of an Ellel Ministry Team member.

The depth of healing that came through the father heart of God was truly amazing! I came on the school to learn how to help others - but I now know God brought me here to deal with me!

Tutorials and Assignments

The Modular School has dedicated tutors who are available to facilitate discussions during tutorial sessions. Students find these to be a place of love, acceptance and comradeship as well as a place where the learning process is enhanced. The tutors also issue assignment work to those who wish to carry out further study. However, homework assignments are not compulsory.