Gunvor Pernille Rekstad

Director of Ellel Norway

Gunvor Rekstad is the director of Ellel Ministries Norway. She was born on the west coast of Norway in 1944 and now lives near Oslo, the capital of Norway. For many years she was involved in prayer ministry and Christian counselling. More recently she worked as a teacher at a private Christian university. It was friends who introduced Gunvor to Ellel Ministries and she says:

Attending courses at Glyndley Manor, Ellel Grange and Ellel Scotland opened up new dimensions in my understanding of how God heals today. I was set free from a spirit of death which had been present all my life and that experience was totally life changing for me. I want to share and pass on God’s blessings to others, to honour the God of the impossible. Being part of the Ellel family and what the Lord is doing in our midst is like gold to me.

Gunvor became director of Ellel Ministries in Norway in 2005. She has three children and six grandchildren. Her hobby is photography and she has had six exhibitions of photographs. Her third book is called How does God speak to ordinary people? which can be read in English on the Ellel Norway website ( Gunvor's first two books were published in Norwegian in 1996 and 2003.