Transformed by the Renewing of the Mind (Modular School B)

Have you ever said:

Many of us struggle and live in anxiety, conflict and condemnation. As Christians, we can feel failures because we are unable to see any victory or change in our problematic behaviour, emotional responses and ways of thinking.
This helpful course provides answers for the struggles we often have in our Christian life. You can enjoy life free from guilt, fear and conflict.
This practical course will address how we all have blind spots and areas of our subconscious thinking which colour all that we see and do. God wants to expose these and bring truth to the innermost parts. You can then be released and healed to be the person God really created you to be. Aspects covered include:

Sins and wounds

Bringing practical and personal insight into these two, often confused, real aspects of everyday living.

Defences and self-protection

We often struggle to trust God as our defender and are busy protecting ourselves. Practical biblical help will be given, enabling the Holy Spirit to break down walls of self-defence.


Explaining common behaviour cycles such as rejection, guilt, explosions, isolation, perfectionism and control, which when identified and dealt with can bring significant release.

Beliefs and mindsets

The social, religious, cultural and emotional beliefs of those with influence over us affect our character development. This course will bring freedom to our God given personalities enabling many to shed faulty beliefs, habits and mindsets.

The freedom and gift of life

The cry of the human heart is 'I just want to be me'. Life-giving stories, illustrating the abundant life and joy Jesus longs to bring, will be shared as an encouragement to help us find ourselves - God's precious gift.

I would go so far as to say it was life changing