Healing Through Creativity (Modular School B)

This wonderful course provides a safe family environment of loving fellowship and the freedom to explore who you are. Take time out to discover both the joy of being creative and the reality of your identity in Jesus.

Through sensitive teaching and the various activities through which we can express our God-given creativity, the Lord brings gentle release and deep healing in a very positive, relaxed and natural way.

Join with us on this special course and experience for yourself God's healing heart through creativity.

The course provides sensitive teaching, and the opportunity and encouragement to experience God's healing heart through creativity. God wants to surprise you with HIS joy, HIS goodness and HIS gift of life. This is not so much a course but more an experience! This course is about receiving God's love. Creative does not mean artistic!   We are all creative, made in the image of our Creator God.

Who is it for?

Everyone – there is no one who will not benefit from time set aside to be with God. Exploring tastes, colours, choices and touching God’s creation in a new and fresh way is healing. Being part of a group breaks down isolation, fears and loneliness. Learning from Scripture how God made you will bring release and peace.

What if I'm not artistic?

The course is not about being artistic although you may be. The human spirit is designed by God to be uniquely expressive and each one of us has something within us which responds to creative expression. Science, business, gardening and cooking are all creative!

What can I expect?

Teaching on how God brings healing through creativity. Praise and worship times together. Freedom to be involved as you choose by yourself or with others in a variety of activities. Come and meet with God. Allow HIM to speak to you and show you HIS love.