Healing for Abused People (Modular School B)

This course is designed to train and equip those who care for and minister healing to people who have been abused. It will benefit anyone involved in counselling or church prayer ministry teams. So many people's lives are controlled by confusion, guilt and self-rejection because they have experienced abuse of some kind.  

The sensitive teaching will also help those who have been abused to understand some of the difficulties they experience; this can be a vital key to healing and freedom. Although in-depth ministry is not offered on this course, there will be an opportunity to receive personal prayer.

Topics covered include:

Physical Abuse

The roots of violent behaviour are examined, helping us understand how the emotional scarring from physical abuse can dominate a person's life, even, in some cases, leading them to becoming an abuser themselves.

Verbal Abuse

Words spoken to individuals are powerful.  Words of accusation, criticism and condemnation can become a curse on our lives.  

Sexual Abuse

Introduces the whole subject of sexual abuse and some of its consequences.

Emotional Abuse

What it means to be emotionally abused and the harm that is done through negative emotional experiences.

Spiritual Abuse

Explores the difference between godly leadership and spiritual abuse.

How to minister healing 

Key principles and important steps that will bring God's hope and healing to those who have suffered abuse. Guidance on how to minister to an abuser is also included.

During the ministry night there will be an opportunity to respond to the teaching and receive prayer.