Deliverance Ministry 2 (Modular School B)


This specialist course is designed for those who have an understanding of the healing and deliverance ministry but are seeking keys to deal with particular problems. We recommend attendance on Deliverance Ministry 1 before coming on this course.

We will look in more detail at some of the issues discussed in general terms on the first course, including claiming the ground, alternative medicines, the martial arts, freemasonry, cults and false religions.

We will also look at reasons why deliverance alone can be ineffective in bringing people to full freedom, including the role of free will, wrong heart attitudes and the importance of ministering inner healing alongside deliverance.

Open forum and question and answer sessions form an integral part of this course, allowing you to raise specific problems you have encountered.

It deals with specific problem areas within the healing and deliverance ministry, drawing from ministry experience and answering questions such as:

Claiming the ground

How do buildings and land become spiritually contaminated? Is there a biblical basis for this? How do you cleanse them?

New Age, Martial Arts & Deception

What do we mean by New Age? Are all alternative medical treatments potentially harmful? What are the dangers of practicing yoga?

Cults and false religions

What do the various cults and religions have in common? How do I minister to people who have been in a cult or come from a non-Christian background?


What is wrong with freemasonry? What effects does it have on people's lives? How do you set someone free from the consequences of their personal or generational involvement?

Ministry issues

Why are there sometimes many manifestations but no effective deliverance? What is the relationship between deliverance and emotional healing? Why do some people so easily get entangled again, even after extensive deliverance ministry?

I have had something hanging over me for the last 21 years and now I have not. It is off my back Hallelujah!


Another wonderful weekend.