Anger - How do we handle it? (Modular School B)

Anger is an emotion that everyone experiences. Expressed and used in godly ways it can be a wonderful motivator. Sadly for most of us, we have not been taught how to express our anger in godly ways. Often we either try to bury it or we explode in angry outbursts which cause harm in our relationships.  

This course is of benefit to all of us, but perhaps particularly if you know that anger is an issue for you, either because it is difficult to control or because you have never been allowed to express it and you bottle it up.

The foundational teaching during this weekend identifies the specific roots of anger, whilst the practical teaching on the rightful expression of anger shows how to bring this powerful emotion back under godly control.

There will be opportunity during the course to receive personal prayer ministry. 

Teaching topics include:

The causes of anger

Looks at some of the causes of anger such as injustice, betrayal and failure. Explains how rejection and unhealed areas of wounding can become emotional reservoirs which continue to feed anger. The course also examines the role and influence of demonic anger.

How we handle and express anger

How we can deny and bury our anger or perhaps choose to avoid or ignore it. Attitudes and behaviour that are symptomatic of anger problems are explored.

The godly expression of anger

The biblical view of anger and our rightful need to express anger. Godly practical ways in which this can be achieved are contrasted with wrong ways of releasing anger.

Maintaining a healthy approach to anger

Examines ways in which we may need to change our attitudes and behaviour. Includes practical advice on living with angry family members or work colleagues and how to help children with their emotions of anger.

A self-analysis anger checklist and discussion groups are included in the course to help identify specific problems and take appropriate steps towards wholeness.