Jesus welcomed the people, taught them about the Kingdom of God and healed those in need. Luke 9:11
TESTIMONIESfor Ellel 365
All the teaching was exactly what I I read and listened to Peter's teachings, the Holy Spirit released me from that oppression.. I have realized that prayer is the key..the results of answers to prayer began almost immediately .... Read More...

Online Discipleship Programme

Ellel 365 - Personal Transformation, One Day at a Time!

Ellel 365 is a dynamic online training resource from Ellel Ministries which has brought hope and healing to literally thousands of lives. The truths of God's Word are taught in a way that is clear and relevant to the real issues of life. 

I find my relationship with my Lord deepening day by day. I eagerly await the remaining weeks of teaching. The teaching has done so much already that I almost feel breathless at the thought of what's yet to come. I so long for everyone to experience what I'm now experiencing.

Ellel 365 provides a whole year’s worth of biblical teaching by Peter Horrobin, the founder and international director of Ellel Ministries. The written teaching content has been divided into 52 weekly modules - available online- to view or to download and print out. Each weekly module consists of five teaching days, a review day and a devotional day. You can enjoy them daily, or pause your account and take as much time as you need, based on your circumstances or lifestyle. 

The written teachings are complemented by nearly one hundred audios and videos. Online tutors are available to help you through the Questions & Answers Forum. You can also build lasting relationships with other Ellel 365 members via the Community Forum

Ellel 365 is ideal for:

  • Those who are longing for real personal healing, restoration and true transformation in their lives
  • Those who are seeking authenticity and hunger for reality
  • Those who want to understand the scriptural foundations for both living the Christian life and receiving God's healing and restoration
  • Those who are searching for keys to healing for needs they have in their own or their family’s lives
  • Those who are looking for more understanding about God's heart to restore His people so that they can live the full life that He intended
  • Those who are looking for training and equipping in order to help others
  • Anyone who wants to belong to an online community of Christians, growing and changing together in their walk with Jesus
  • Anyone who is at a crossroads in their Christian walk and looking for God's destiny for the rest of their lives
  • Those waiting for and preparing to come on a Healing Retreat
  • Those taking part in the Modular School - Ellel 365 is a perfect complement, providing valuable material to extend personal growth and healing
  • Anyone who is unable to get to an Ellel centre for geographical or health reasons

The teaching is all based on the Bible and is suitable for any believer in any country of the world. Why not join the huge numbers who write and tell us how fantastic, exciting and life-changing this course is!