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Without it we would not have been able to enter into our marriage and be able to make a success of our relationship. After 6 years of marriage, we are so very much in love and thank God for our reconciliation to Him and to each other and the restoration from our past sin to be who we were meant to be.... Read More...

Marriage Preparation Course

Preparation for Marriage

Are you excited about the big day and the sound of wedding bells? Are you busy making lots of plans but at the same time just a little nervous on the inside? Why not take some time out to relax, to get to know one another better and to prepare for married life by exploring together an understanding of the Christian perspective of marriage. This course, designed for engaged couples or couples seriously contemplating marriage or re-marriage seeks to:

  • help you have realistic expectations of marriage
  • address common issues which arise in married life in a godly and practical way
  • provide the opportunity to seek the Lord for healing and release from past experiences and other issues which might otherwise be a hindrance to your future together

This course is all about God's plans and purposes for marriage and includes the following topics:

Marriage as a covenant relationship

Explains the meaning and practical implications of covenant in terms of mutual commitment, the marriage vows, leaving and cleaving, and becoming one flesh.

Practical aspects of marriage

Clear but sensitive teaching on God's creation ordinances concerning sexuality and the expression of sexual relations within marriage.

Dealing with the past

Identifies some of the baggage from the past and false expectations we can bring into marriage and explains how we can begin to deal with them.


Explores this important key to a successful marriage with very practical teaching on how to improve communication and handle misunderstandings and conflict.

Growing together within marriage

Looks at how you can encourage your marriage partner to reach their full potential in Jesus whilst growing together to create the unique and fulfilling marriage God has planned for you. There will be an opportunity to receive personal prayer during the ministry night as well as special time of sharing communion together as a couple.

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