Jesus welcomed the people, taught them about the Kingdom of God and healed those in need. Luke 9:11
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9 October 2019


Chapel Ridge Free Methodist Church

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Victory on the Front Lines: A Day for First Responders

You're getting ready to start your shift. You're putting on your uniform, it may include a bulletproof vest, a stethoscope, maybe it's scrubs, your bunker gear, whatever it includes... it's your uniform, the uniform that identifies who you are and what you are here to do for the next 12 hours at least. Patrolling the streets, waiting for that dispatch, making your rounds, you're in work mode and you are vigilant, ready for that next call to don't know what it will be but you are ALL in. It's not just a job, there are definitely different, easier, jobs that would provide financially for you and yours, but without trying to be cliche you know this is what you were called to do and therefore you give it your everything. After all, lives depend on it.

But you are tired. Not just because of the shift work and the physical demands of the job. Not just because of the overtime hours or the lack of resources and man power. Tired, in the core of who you are, in your soul, in your spirit. Little things at work with co-workers make you "snap". You find it hard to engage with friends and family. At home, you can feel yourself growing more distant from your partner, your kids, the ones you love. Trying to explain your tiredness, your frustration, your sadness and your anger is hard. Perhaps you feel that they wouldn't understand, and how could they? They haven't seen what you've seen or had to deal with what you've had to deal with. But remaining silent is only adding to the slow spiral down. You want to be as "all in" at home and in life as you are at work but it is becoming more and more impossible. Why?

Your frustration is growing. You may even be asking "If this is what I've been called to do then why is it so hard on me and my loved ones? Why is the price so high? What else can I do to survive?".

First responders, whether fire, police, paramedics, nurses or doctors, are subject to shock and trauma every shift. You are called to deal with society's nightmare situations. In order to perform your job and to survive you have to separate your emotions from the situation you are dealing with. Times of action are not the times to contemplate how the situation may or may not affect you. But you know these situations, your job, does affect you and that somehow, some way, you will have to deal with it. 

This Day for First Responders is designed to give tools that can be used to unburden you from the shock and trauma of the job. To help you understand how you are designed body, soul, and spirit. To shine Biblical truth on the lies that say surviving this job is the best you can hope for, and to impress on you the love of the Father. We hope to help you understand that His heart for you is to give you victory at work, home and all areas of your life.

Who should come to the First Responders Day? Well.....First Responders, active and retired. Any First Responder that is looking to be as "all in" in every area of their life as they are, or once were at work. Anyone looking to regain the passion for their calling as a First Responder. If you are reading this and asking "should I go?" The answer is yes.

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