Jesus welcomed the people, taught them about the Kingdom of God and healed those in need. Luke 9:11
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The Seeds of the Kingdom have been a blessing! I make sure I read them first thing in the morning as they help me through the day and keep me closer to my Lord. .... Read More...
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2 June 2023

A Friend of God

by David Cross

While reading the manuscript of a book about covenant, being written by my friend Jim, I was impacted by his highlighting of God’s deep desire to have true friendship with His people. When making covenant with Abram, God joined His name into this man’s name, creating an intimate and enduring bond...

1 June 2023

Little Lambs

by Jim Person

On a recent visit to Scotland, we enjoyed walking through the countryside. Because it was spring, there were many little lambs in the fields with their moms. Often, we could hear cries coming forth from these little ones asking their mothers for more milk, as they were hungry. In today’s verses, Peter...

31 May 2023


by John Sainsbury

In 2021, the world population stood at something like 7.8 billion people and is rapidly heading towards 8 billion. That’s an awful lot of human beings in existence. So, with numbers like that, we might easily think that God wouldn’t notice us amongst all the others. Surely my little life is invisible...

30 May 2023

Finding God

by Grace Bull

Today’s verse says something quite remarkable – it says that if you follow light and truth, you will find God. It comes from Psalm 43. The psalmist says to God, ‘send forth your light and your truth, let them guide me. Let them bring me to your holy mountain, to the place where you dwell’. That’s...

29 May 2023


by Philip Asselin

Pause for a moment and think about what you used to consider as impossible, but is now not just possible, but you have seen and experienced it first-hand, as fact. What we need to get our head around is that ‘impossible’ is just an opinion based on our current experience. If that experience were...

28 May 2023

Works in Progress

by Dean Gardner

Last year, Gemma and I had some work carried out on the largest wall of our house, an east facing wall, largely made up of old red Victorian bricks, many of which have over the years been softened and eroded by the salt in the sea air where we live. The work we had done on the wall is called rendering....

27 May 2023

Excuse Me Your Rejection Is Showing

by Tracy Bankuti

Here’s a quiz to see if rejection has been part of your life. Have you been excluded, dismissed, given the cold shoulder, turned down, made redundant, abandoned, hated, scorned, mocked, persecuted, the butt of someone’s joke, falsely accused, neglected, bullied, or abused? (This is not an exhaustive...

26 May 2023

Let’s Count to 50!

by Peter Brokaar

Did you know that God commanded His people to count to fifty? In the Biblical cycle of annual Feasts, the Lord told the Israelites that they should count fifty days after the feast of Firstfruits, (which follows on from Passover). Today (26 May) we come to the fiftieth day after Firstfruits in the biblical...

25 May 2023

Children of God

by Vicky Munro

Recently I have been pondering on being a child of God and being in God’s family, lots of sisters and brothers in Christ, and how amazing it is to know that I’m never alone because I’m a child of God.  When we become believers we are accepted as his heir, a child of the most high, forever loved...

24 May 2023

For an Audience of One

by Gemma Gardner

In the verse today from Colossians, Paul has been speaking to slaves and encouraging them to work hard, not just when their masters are watching, but when nobody is seeing what they are doing.  It must have felt very hard, and even unfair, for some of them, if they had harsh and ungrateful masters!...

Seeds of the Kingdom - Devotional Archive

Results per page:

Displaying 1 to 10 of 5,365 results