Jesus welcomed the people, taught them about the Kingdom of God and healed those in need. Luke 9:11
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30 - 31 December 2021
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How Do We Live a Fear Free Life?

So many things in our world are changing, and they are changing quickly! Fear can rise up in us as we face these changes. You may be experiencing change in your job situation, or your finances, or your health, causing questions and uncertainty. Many people are feeling overwhelmed by the Covid 19 situation. In this course, learning to live FREE from fear will bring peace to your heart and a renewed trust in God.

Jill Southern

Executive Leader and Regional Director of Southeast Asia

Jill Southern-Jones was a successful businesswoman before becoming the director of Ellel Pierrepont near Farnham, UK in 1994. She had been to see Pierrepont on behalf of Ellel Ministries when the property was for sale and was astounded to see a vision of a large globe rolling up the drive. God showed her people from all nations coming out of a door in their country, down a ladder and going into the large Pierrepont house for a prolonged stay to learn from God’s Word. In her vision she saw inside the house (before she had ever seen it in reality) and realised that God was calling her to lead the work at Pierrepont. She experienced His miraculous provision to purchase and restore the property, which had been stripped bare.  

Since then Jill developed and led Pierrepont's ten month training programme called NETS. She stepped down from being Centre Director of Ellel Pierrepont at the end of 2015 and while Pierrepont is still her base she is more involevd in itinerant teaching around the world. Jill is the regional director for Ellel Ministries in Southeast Asia and frequently teaches there. She is the author of the book Sex - God's Truth.


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Living a fear free life comes when your relationship with Jesus continues to grow. Hear some great nuggets on the journey to walking through fear.


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