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Seeds of the Kingdom

What is Anointing? Part 1

by David Cross

28 October 2012

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Then Samuel took a jar of olive oil and poured it on Saul`s head, kissed him, and said, “The LORD anoints you as ruler of his people Israel. You will rule his people and protect them from all their enemies”.
1 Samuel 10:1, GNB

Let’s explore a little of the meaning of the word anointing. This is an important issue for followers of Jesus; it’s critical if we’re truly seeking to represent Him in this world. In other words, if we minister to others, in any capacity, without the anointing of God through the Holy Spirit, we’re simply bringing human wisdom and human ability.

Such ministry may be well-intentioned and may even be helpful, but it’s not the supernatural intervention into this needy world that God’s purposed through the Body of Christ. Jesus warns His disciples that it’s only a wholly submitted relationship with God which will ensure that He’ll truly be the source of spiritual authority for our ministering to those in need (Matthew 7:21).

Jesus is revealed in Scripture as the Anointed One, the One to whom all authority has been given in heaven and on earth. Only in Him can we receive and express true anointing.
Throughout the Bible anointing refers to the marking out of someone, or even something, in order to denote the presence and purpose of God. The Hebrew and Greek words in scripture, used for the word anointing, mean to rub on oil. This was the physical way by which the kings, priests and prophets of the Old Testament were frequently marked out as coming under the delegated spiritual authority of God, for the purpose of ruling over, or ministering to, His people.

Anointing with oil is also referred to in the New Testament as a powerful way of declaring the presence of God operating in people’s lives, particularly in healing (James 5:14). However, it’s not the oil which imparts supernatural authority, power and presence. It’s the Holy Spirit.

Prayer: Father God, You’ve released authority into the Body of Christ through the anointing of the Holy Spirit. Help us to discover our particular place and purpose in this precious Body, as we bring Your presence into this desperate world. Amen.

David Cross David is Deputy International Director for Ellel Ministries, with particular responsibility for the Ellel centres in Western Europe. He is married to Denise and they have three grown up children and eight grandchildren. David has been a civil engineer and ski-touring instructor in the Highlands of Scotland. He is passionate about the teaching and practice of the healing and deliverance ministry of Jesus and has written several books: Soul Ties, Trapped by Control, God’s Covering, The Dangers of Alternative Ways to Healing(co-authored with John Berry), an A to Z Guide to the Healing Ministry, and, most recently, What`s Wrong with Human Rights? You can follow a daily thought from David on Twitter: @dmcross62


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