Jesus welcomed the people, taught them about the Kingdom of God and healed those in need. Luke 9:11



I attended Micro Nets with a hope that the LORD would point somehow to the root cause of my fear which had blocked me moving forward in any direction and issues in my family. I had been to a healing retreat and other prayer days and I believe that he was peeling the onion. On this Micro NETS however the Lord showed me clearly the root cause of my fear and the disasters that had fallen on my family. A whole generation almost wiped out and on this day we received freedom. As prayer ministers ministered to me the Holy Spirit brought to mind an incident which was pivotal in this situation. They prayed for generational sins and breaking curses. I was set free including my siblings and generation. I then after had a chat with my older sister to verify facts and yes she knew of this incident and more revelations came out. I realised the Lord had really come thru for us. He is the merciful one and did this to stop the madness for good. I can say now with confidence, "I WILL LIVE AND NOT DIE BUT DECLARE THE GLORY OF THE LORD". A significant healing for myself is my back. I have for a few years suffered stiffness on waking up. My husband had to turn me side to side to relieve this discomfort. For a few days now am normal, I wake up with no pain, no stiffness, just normal. I felt like the spirit of heaviness was gone and I feel light. I GLORIFY GOD. I believe he is doing more in me and my family. This course I recommend - what God has done for me he will do for anyone. The prayer ministers are so sensitive and I thank God for them that they stood in the gap and saw me thru the issues I had especially the deliverance process. Thank you so much. God bless.