Jesus welcomed the people, taught them about the Kingdom of God and healed those in need. Luke 9:11


Augustine Selvaraj

I was on Nets 6 in 2000. Then I was young looking for the new start in my life. I was married a few months before I come to Nets and my relationship with my wife was almost getting to the end, which I hadn't expected and never experienced anything before like this. I was glad that God put me in a place where I can relax and think of Him and little bit about myself to move forward from here.
Oh my GOD! It was amazing; the worship and the teaching touched deeply and penetrated and I loved it. This all happened till the 1st half of Nets. Then the 2nd half of Nets began with personal healing retreat, counsel, teaching. It started hurting me more; I was good on the surface but I didn’t even know I was bruised and deeply wounded in my heart, having such bitterness, regrets of my relationship and some of my past ministries co-workers.
And now the teaching which I have heard; it started applying itself and ploughing my field, watering it and I had no control over it. Alas! I thought what is going on? I remembered the earnest prayer I prayed in the grounds at Pierrepont where I use to walk and go around; I recalled that I had submitted entirely to GOD’S Will and there is no permission required for Him to take any action in me, against me and around me. Folks, one thing I have understood; measure your words even when you speak to the LORD; especially to the LORD. He records it and inspite of my request to delete it; He would not do that, because of His love in me.

It may sound crazy - and it is! I enjoyed His rebuke and chastening, I never knew that I can cry this much and I can shout crazily. Please don’t think I have multiple personalities; it is human nature when these things occur that we look at someone to verify ourselves – am I okay? I saw many of our Nets batch were like me. Oh! What a days it was. The days went short and the last week at Pierrepont came. I was totally sad and feeling heavily messed, thinking of myself why I did I come here? I was better before! I had many questions, not knowing the answer of those.
But still I could hear God's voice and the communication with Him was strongly connected. I came back to India not knowing where to start and how to go on in my relationship and also in the ministry? The teachings which I heard, taught, came to me alive in the wilderness. And GOD insisted that I apply those teachings personally to myself before I pass them on to others. Soul-Ties and my favourite Jill Southern teachings all came to my mind as if I was directly present in Ellel Pierrepont, whereas I was literally alone and with great mess. So I started applying the teachings to myself. 
Unlike now, there was not much facility like DVD’s to listen back the teachings. I had some of the tapes but where to play and in which situation I can listen? You can’t even imagine my situation when I came back to India and my wife delivered a boy, I was told even before he was born that he will be for God's ministry and his name would be ‘Gracious John’. I wished to see him but I didn’t want to see my wife.
Days went by and I was compelled by the Holy Spirit to go and I was there pleading the LORD to never ever ask me to reunite in my marriage. I was ready to listen to ALL things from GOD but my only plea is ‘Take her out of my life’. What a GOD we serve, He exactly does what HE wants! I went inside the hospital to see my son on the 3rd day after his birth and I made up my mind to be strong and say to my wife “Thank you for giving birth to my son” and I did say that, but when I came out of that door, there was the irresistible voice from the LORD; Anbu (my pet name which is ‘Love’ in Tamil language) you told me that you will do whatever I say? Then He paused; I said ‘Yes’. He said ‘Go back and say I am sorry, please forgive me and moreover say ‘I love you’

Now I understood how much the prophet Jonah would have felt sorry for himself in relationship with GOD. I was left no option, His love and His firmness in His words - I had to yield. I thank GOD for the teachings I have been taught; that came alive!

I – Augustine Selvaraj and Catherine Selvaraj my wife are still happily married and about to complete our 21st anniversary on 15th June’20. WE have 2 children, Gracious John Selvaraj (Son) of 19 years old and Joy Blessing Selvaraj (Daughter) of 18 years. In our family life, soul ties, healing through deliverance, Father heart of GOD and Restoration all these have come ALIVE. Peter Horrobin's  teachings were lively and drew all our attention; it motivated my personal relationship with GOD and challenged my ministry for Him. With all humbleness I confess and witness that these teachings are now passed on to our Churches and especially forming our native workers and sent as missionaries in different parts of India. WE have more than 30 ministers in serving 13 different states in India who have been trained by us through the teaching I personally gained from Ellel. For several reason I can’t name them and their location where they serve the LORD. Apart from this on every believer who has come to receive the counsel and share their lives with us are being consoled by His Word and being delivered through our healing ministries. What a joy to see people being set free and growing in the LORD with love! I have many things to share but I stop at this point and end you with all gratitude for investing the Word of GOD in my life, sponsoring me in year 2000 for my entire 6 months course of my accommodation and food. Nothing has gone in vain; we reaped it and still we reap it. You are a blessing to us! Hallelujah!!! I am sorry for not communicating with you for a long period of time. I hope this testimony would be read and be a blessing for many. Augustine Selvaraj (India) Nets – 6 Batch (Year 2000).