Paul and Jillian Larsen-Robertson

Directors of Ellel Ministries Aotearoa/New Zealand

Paul is the centre director for Ellel Ministries in Aotearoa/New Zealand, along with his wife Jillian. Aotearoa is the Maori name for New Zealand and reflects Paul and Jillian’s vision to see reconciliation and transformation in the country at every level.


Paul gave his life to the Lord Jesus in 2004 after a return to church. Initially he saw himself as supporting Jillian as she became more involved in getting trained in prayer ministry, but over time the Lord awoke in him an enthusiasm for the healing ministry and related teaching. He increasingly recognised that while his training and experience in the secular world were valuable preparation, there were notable gaps in non-Christian models of healing. Over time he has developed a strong desire to contribute to making Bible-based healing an integral part of church life, particularly focusing on the needs of men and Maori.

When he arrived at the NETS training course at Pierrepont UK in 2009 with Jillian, Paul prayed that he would be “Never Ever The Same”. God answered that prayer and on his return to Aotearoa/New Zealand he resigned from his joint academic-clinical position as a clinical psychologist to follow his calling in the healing/discipleship ministry. In early 2010 he and Jillian accepted the invitation to set up an Ellel base in Aotearoa/New Zealand. 


Jillian shares leadership of Ellel Ministries in Aotearoa/New Zealand with her husband Paul. She worked for many years in clinical psychology where she specialised in prison work, addiction, working with victims of abuse and general mental health. She sees her early work experience in nursing and as a director of a community centre as also reflecting the call on her life to be of service to others.

She initially became interested in prayer ministry and was prompted to seek training after hearing a wonderful testimony of healing from a previous client. In 2006 Jillian attended a ministry skills training course at Ellel Gilbulla in Australia and subsequently experienced personal healing and witnessed the Lord Jesus bringing freedom and healing to many others.

She is inspired with a vision of healing, deliverance and discipleship training being available throughout New Zealand and the Pacific region. She is blessed with two sons, two daughters and 10 grandchildren.