Patrick and Valerie Chambron

Directors of Ellel France

Patrick Chambron, with his wife Valerie, lead the work of Ellel Ministries in France. They are based in the town of St Laurent du Pont, near Grenoble.

In 2003, Patrick attended a 9-week training school in healing and deliverance, held at Ellel Glyndley Manor, UK. At the beginning of this 9-week course, he hardly spoke any English, but God supernaturally helped him so that in just a few days he was able to understand the teaching.

Patrick is the pastor of the church where the work of Ellel Ministries is based. He has been a pastor since 1998. His church is part of EPEP (Eglise Protestante Evangelique de Pentecôte: 7 churches), who are members of FEPEF. Ellel Ministries and Ellel France are interdenominational ministries. Patrick and Valerie became the centre directors of Ellel France in July 2006.