Jesus welcomed the people, taught them about the Kingdom of God and healed those in need. Luke 9:11

Paul and Diane Watson

Paul: Executive Leader, Director of Ellel Pierrepont and Regional Director for Australia, Pacific and India
Diane: Deputy Director of Ellel Pierrepont

Paul and Diane are the Directors of Ellel Pierrepont and Paul, along with his role on the Executive Leadership of the ministry is also the regional director for Australia, the Pacific and the Indian subcontinent. They have 4 adult children and 3 grandchildren.

Paul was ordained in the Anglican church in 1990 and ministered in three parishes over the next 15 years. He resigned from his Anglican parish in 2003 to work for Ellel Ministries - see the full story below.

In 1996 Diane attended an Ellel Ministries conference organised by Healthcare in Christ on the subject of healing and deliverance. During that conference Diane became friendly with her room-mate Lynda Hicks, who was physically disabled following a fall from a cliff years earlier. Both Paul and Diane saw Lynda receive two hours of prayer ministry in front of the whole conference of medics. All were astonished as they saw God completely heal Lynda that evening (described in her book Lynda).

Diane went home and prayed in the same way for her daughter, who had a troublesome ganglion on her wrist. It was immediately healed. That same evening Diane had a powerful vision of Gilbulla, a Christian retreat centre near Sydney. God told her that Gilbulla would become an Ellel Ministries centre in Australia and He called her to be its first leader. She doubted her own ability to take on such a role but travelled to England anyway to study on the first ever NETS course at Pierrepont. The finances for that trip were all donated, a remarkable $15,000, some from visitors to the church who didn’t know her. The Lord even provided for Paul to visit her in England during the 6 month course – he won a competition whose prize was an all-expenses paid trip to the UK!

In 2002 Gilbulla was purchased and Diane was appointed as the director. Paul attended the NETS course in 2002 and resigned from his Anglican parish in 2003 to work for Ellel Ministries.

Paul was later asked to take the role of regional director for Australasia. In 2015 they were asked to move to England to take on the role of directing the work of Ellel Pierrepont.