Jesus welcomed the people, taught them about the Kingdom of God and healed those in need. Luke 9:11




Have you ever wanted to -


  • remove blockages to knowing God better?
  • be equipped to help others with real issues they are facing in their lives?
  • see God restore issues in your own life?
  • learn how to hear the voice of God?
  • gain understanding of how people get wounded so that you can pray effectively for them?

Our 6 day school has proven to be the most practical, life-changing and equipping short term teaching school we offer. The school has a distinctly practical  "hands on" approach with a mixture of teaching and workshops designed to equip you to apply the ministry tools you are learning.

6 Day School topics include:-

Deliverance Ministry; Generational Influences; Relationships and Soul Ties; Inner Healing and Emotional Wholeness; Dealing with Forgiveness; Overcoming Rejection; Dealing with Accident and Trauma; Restoring Human Spirit; Understanding Beliefs and Behaviour Cycles; Godly Sexuality; Overcoming Fear & Anxiety; and lots, lots more.

That Practical component after each teaching session will either be in the form of:-

1) Upfront Demonstration Ministry for all to witness; experience and learn from; or

2) Small Group settings (where mini-workshops will take place with an experienced Ministry Team person leading each group. That key person will provide oversight and offer demonstration ministry within that group to enhance the learning experience!)

The 6 Day School covers the key components of Ellel Ministries teaching in a package that won’t rob you attending Church on Sunday! (Begins Monday through to Saturday). 

Senior Pastors are invited to attend the school for a 50% discount!




Testimonies from last year's 6 Day School -


"Where do I start! This has been an extremely freeing week. Jesus has ministered to my captive heart and the Father God has delivered me of lies I believed, which I have held for 48 years! He breathed life into me and spoke to me clearly that my brother’s death was not my fault. Praise Jesus. God the Father has started to heal me in behaviour cycles. He has set me free and delivered me from the lie that ‘I was a mistake’ and spoke into my life that he sees me as a gift with special purpose. I am also on a journey recognising that I have creativity. I felt I had none, but this is just another lie that I believed. I am made in the Fathers image, therefore I do have creativity and I want to explore this with confidence. I feel so blessed and loved. Thankyou!"


"I have been so blessed in so many ways! In particular God has ministered to my spirit in setting me free from lies of the devil, which were controlling me. He has also given me physical healing in an area which has been causing me anxiety for a number of years (again triggered by a lie of the evil one). I have been wonderfully set free as well as equipped for further ministry. Above all, God has recharged my own personal relationship with him."


"God has revealed many times in my life where past hurts and incidents have caused behaviours and patterns, which have been detrimental to me. He has put on my heart to draw close to him and bring others to him also. God has now placed me in a ministry that can make that happen. Thankyou for this wonderful experience."