Jesus welcomed the people, taught them about the Kingdom of God and healed those in need. Luke 9:11

The way forward ...


17th September 2020

Dear friends

The doors of Ellel Sydney have re-opened - but in a very limited manner!  

We are primarily inviting just our longer-term school students to return for some very limited events in the hope we can help them complete their schools by the end of the year. Prayer Ministry is still not yet available to the degree that it once was in the pre-Covid days.

We will coninue to update you as we move forward.

Under the new regulations, we are quite limited regarding how many guests we can accommodate which sadly makes it impossible to open events to larger numbers, as we once used to do. In keeping with the new government regulations for social distancing and hygiene, we want to be able to run these limited events safely, hence the restriction of participants. It is our heart that in 2021 we may be able to begin opening the Centre more widely to welcome back initially all of our regular guests, and also our new friends.

This time of lockdown, we know, has been painful, lonely and unsettling for many of you, and as we re-emerge with some limited on-site events it is vital to remember that our God is not limited in any way whatsoever! He’s not restricted by time, space, guidelines and certainly not by any pandemic. We do serve an amazing God!

So, as we gradually re-open the doors of Ellel Sydney – which will be in stages over the coming months - we are confident that God will move powerfully in the lives of those Ellel School students who are invited to come on-site, and eventually in the lives of others as we re-introduce more onsite events where possible.

Be assured we have taken every precaution to keep everyone safe as a registered Covid19-Safe organisation.

A massive thanks to all who have prayed and supported the ministry during this time. That intercessory and financial support will still be needed as we continue moving forward into this new frontier.

With every blessing,





Paul Ryan, Centre Director, Ellel Sydney



Special Announcement about Ellel Ministries and the Coronavirus


23 March 2020

Dear friends

Some of you may have already heard that Ellel Ministries in the UK has had to temporarily suspend all activities at its UK Centres.

After having just returned from attending the Ellel Executive Leadership Meeting in the UK, and having met with my own Leadership Team here at Ellel Sydney, we are now following suit and will be pausing all on-site operations at Ellel Sydney for the next 4 months.

We have not made this decision lightly. Nor did we make this decision without first hearing the Lord speak into this scenario. Without a doubt, the Lord has been clear in directing us as a ministry to close for a four-month window.

Considering the increasing Government decisions and restrictions that are being put in place around the world… we also felt it was only appropriate to ensure that Ellel Sydney follows suit and does whatever is necessary to ensure the spread of this virus is contained. In order to help protect our guests, school attendees, our own team, and the greater community, the only right decision was to pause all on-site operations at Ellel Sydney until late July. This means that all courses, schools, healing retreats and personal ministry appointments, between now and the end of July have had to be either postponed or cancelled.

As a direct result of this virus and the need to temporally pause activities, we will be facing a major financial difficulty. Even though we will have to make sensible decisions during this testing period of time, every effort will be made to maintain our staff levels in preparation for the time when we are able to re-open our doors.

“… but see to it that you are not alarmed. Such things must happen…” (Matt 24:6 NIV).

We will be shortly emailing all of our faithful supporters asking for help to cover the funds lost through having to cancel courses and schools. Please be watchful for that appeal when it gets underway and be asking the Lord even now, how you may be able to bless the ministry financially at this crucial time.


A New Online Teaching Opportunity!

In these extraordinary times people will need more help than ever. We are therefore making plans to expand our online teaching programs to be available to all. This will be an exciting opportunity for Ellel Sydney and we would really value your prayers for the expansion of this crucial part of our ministry that we have been pioneering for the past year.

Just as we are praying asking the Lord to protect all of you, our friends and supporters during this time, would you please be praying for the same protection on our team here at Ellel Sydney. We will post updates on our website as from next week, and our database will be kept informed by e-mail.

May the Lord be with us all during these unprecedented times.







Paul Ryan, Centre Director, Ellel Sydney


P.S.  Peter Horrobin, the founder and International Director of Ellel Ministries has written a blog about how the Lord has been leading us through this situation.

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