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A Unique South African Experience

Come to South Africa on an exciting journey of personal growth and experience the beauty of Africa from an unique vantage point.

This ‘Unique Experience’ is unique in the sense that it is probably the only tour that offers a short informative tour, bringing a spiritual aspect to pre and post-apartheid that no other tour group can offer. Many Guests have said that because it was an Ellel event they felt safe to come as they would be well cared for.
We enjoyed spoiling our Guests and we look forward to spoiling you as well. 
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  • Unique South African Experience TourThe tour is around Pretoria, the administrative capital of South Africa and visits to Johannesburg to get a better understanding of the history, culture and spiritual aspects of South Africa. It also includes a Safari, where you can experience the God of creation in the world renowned Kruger National Park.  
    DATES: Arrive on 1st October and depart on 11th October 2017. (Maximum of 25 people will be able to join this tour). 
    COST: £1350 per person (excluding all flights to and from South Africa). 

Photo: Guests from the 2014 tour visiting the Apartheid Museum

SOUTH AFRICA a beautiful land - a 'Rainbow Nation' made up of many colours, fragrances, contrasts, challenges and opportunities. A country with a diverse history trying to get to grips with a young democracy and so much in the news, mostly for the wrong reasons.

As we look at the history of South Africa one cannot but realize that God has an incredible plan for this country. In the days we live in, we need to remind ourselves of what 2 Corinthians 4:18 says, 'so we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen. For what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal'.

No one can visit Africa without visiting a game reserve, especially the Kruger National Park. This is a thrilling highlight to this unique tour.

Comments from a guest on the 2014 tour:
"For me, experiencing the combination of the country, wild life, fauna and flora and the political background with other Christians was really special"
(see more comments in the Testimony and Photo download below)
Denise Cross – Centre Director of Glyndley Manor wrote:
"David and I went to South Africa last year. We love this country and its people and they always welcome us warmly when we go to teach. In addition we had another great opportunity of visiting the Kruger National Park where we got up-close and very personal in the African bush with this amazing huge male lion and other wild animals! So, I thought you might be interested in a similar opportunity to visit this amazing country. All you have to do is sign up for a place on this special event organised by Ellel Ministries South Africa. So if this stirs your heart then find out more... the places are very limited so don't miss out!"
"South Africa... A world in one country!
We can assure you that experiencing the KRUGER NATIONAL PARK will make many special memories!"