Jesus welcomed the people, taught them about the Kingdom of God and healed those in need. Luke 9:11
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Image #242Weekend Event

25 Aug

Healing the Hurts of Our Ethnic Diversity (Free Event)

25 - 27 August 2017 (Fri - Sun) at Ellel Shere House

This course will bring understanding of some of the cultural roots which shape behaviours like prejudice, racism, judgement and ethnic conflict.

28 Aug

Healing Service

28 August 2017 (Mon) at Ohana House

Image #2Weekend Event

2 Sep

Acceptance and Belonging

2 - 3 September 2017 (Sat - Sun) at Ohana House

Rejection is a very wounding experience because we all have a deep desire to belong and to feel accepted. God himself has given us this in-built desire to feel recognised, valued, and accepted for who we are. When this need has not been met, it can result in our rejecting ourselves, others or even God. God never rejects you and He longs to heal the wounds you carry because of past rejection.

4 Sep

Healing Service

4 September 2017 (Mon) at Amanzimtoti Library (activities room)

5 Sep

Healing Service

5 September 2017 (Tue) at Ellel Shere House

Image #3Weekend Event

9 Sep

The Truth about Sex & Sexuality

9 - 10 September 2017 (Sat - Sun) at Ellel Shere House

When two people have sexual relations, God says that 'the two become one'. What are the consequences of this? And if it happens outside of marriage, can anything be done to put things right? God's word has much practical teaching on the subject of sex and sexuality. This course offers a safe place to explore this relevant subject sensitively and to learn and apply principles for healing and restoration.

Image #27Midweek Event

11 Sep

Time Out for Pastors, Senior Leaders & Full-time Workers

11 - 14 September 2017 (Mon - Thu) at Widenham

An opportunity for those bearing the responsibility of "shepherding the flock" to recharge

Image #103One Week Event

13 Sep

Missionaries Retreat

13 - 20 September 2017 (Wed - Wed) at Ellel Shere House

This is an opportunity for those bearing the responsibility of ministering to the nations to rest, reflect, worship and receive ministry.

Image #53Weekend Event

16 Sep

Moving Under the Anointing of the Holy Spirit

16 - 17 September 2017 (Sat - Sun) at Widenham

Experience more of God's presence and power. This biblical teaching helps many people to enter into the baptism of the Holy Spirit and to find their spiritual gifts. You will also learn to discern the difference between true and false anointing.

Image #45Weekend Event

23 Sep

Healing for Victims of Accident & Trauma

23 - 24 September 2017 (Sat - Sun) at Ellel Shere House

Post-traumatic stress and the consequences of accidents continue to affect many people's lives, even years after the event. Many people have experienced dramatic physical and emotional healing, both on this course and through applying what they learned here.

Full Calendar of Events

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Displaying 1 to 10 of 37