Jesus welcomed the people, taught them about the Kingdom of God and healed those in need. Luke 9:11

Parenting Pitstop

Receiving God’s help on the parenting adventure

Parenting could be described as anything from exhilarating to exhausting, from fulfilling to terrifying and from humbling to chaotic! The simple truth is that we need God’s help with the daily adventure of having children and this course, rather than focussing on ‘how to be a perfect parent’, provides an opportunity to take time out to look at some of the deeper issues we face as parents.

The teaching will address things like how our own weaknesses and healing needs can outwork in our parenting and how we are influenced by generational issues and learnt behaviour. It will also cover subjects like fear of failure, judgements, false guilt, wrong expectations, a need to over-protect our kids and other areas of weakness and vulnerability. We will look at the very real temptation for us to meet our own inner needs through our children and how God wants us to release them to be their own individuals and to walk into their own destiny with Him.

As well as opportunities for prayer ministry and personal reflection and discussion, there will also be interactive times of sharing together as we intercede together for our children to walk into all God has for them.

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