Jesus welcomed the people, taught them about the Kingdom of God and healed those in need. Luke 9:11
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Without it we would not have been able to enter into our marriage and be able to make a success of our relationship. After 6 years of marriage, we are so very much in love and thank God for our reconciliation to Him and to each other and the restoration from our past sin to be who we were meant to be.... Read More...

Marriage As God Intended

Marriage is God's way for a man and a woman to live together in a joyful relationship based on love, trust and mutual respect. However, many Christian couples have settled for second best in their marriages and many others struggle and are on the point of giving up.

This course is for married couples who want to enjoy their lives together and enter more fully into God's plans and purposes for their marriage. It is specifically designed to strengthen marriages as well as to restore and heal those that are struggling and in difficulties.

It offers couples a safe place to spend personal time sharing their hearts with each other and receiving teaching, guidance, counsel and prayer ministry.

Topics covered include:

Emotional wounding

Recognising and acknowledging that we have hurt one another is a major step forward to healing and improving our marriage.

Freedom from the past

Unresolved issues from the past can be a major contributing factor to current marriage difficulties. Includes the effects of generational influences, past relationships and our own individual emotions. Learn how to be set free and receive God's healing love.

Building and restoring marriage relationship

How to improve communications within marriage and restore fractured trust.

There will be time to spend together or you can meet, individually or as a couple, with members of our ministry team to talk about any particular difficulties in your own marriage and receive prayer.


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