Jesus welcomed the people, taught them about the Kingdom of God and healed those in need. Luke 9:11

Domination, Manipulation & Intimidation

Many people and relationships have been damaged by controlling behaviour. A person who has been dominated, manipulated or intimidated knows that it can be deeply painful and has long lasting effects.

Often we blame the person who is dominating or manipulative, but who is really behind this kind of destructive behaviour?  It is our enemy, Satan.  So how can we be free from the effects of being a victim of this behaviour, and learn to walk free from it in the future?

This teaching unpacks the root causes of domination, manipulation & intimidation, showing how Satan uses it to steal, kill and destroy.  It offers hope & healing for the victim and also the perpetrator.

You will discover how to walk free from ungodly control and how to stand strong in Christ so that you do not have to be a victim again. You will also learn the importance of being secure in your relationship with God so that you no longer need to control the circumstances around you but are free to simple trust Him.

There will be personal prayer ministry available for those who have been a victim of this behaviour, and also for those who feel they have exerted this behaviour on others and would like to be free in the mighty name of Jesus, through the power of His Holy Spirit.

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