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Jesus welcomed the people, taught them about the Kingdom of God and healed those in need. Luke 9:11
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24 March 2017


by Yulia Kariuki

Most of us are familiar with the word discipline. We learn it from a very early age when we’re disciplined by our parents first of all, then by our teachers in school. Discipline is essential to our proper development as a person, because we need someone to show us how to live and behave in a proper...

23 March 2017

Near but Far

by Andy Taylor

If you think about it, words are easy. It’s easy to say we’ll follow after God - but much harder to take a step of faith into the unknown, and do it. It’s easy to call Jesus, ‘Lord’ - but much harder to really let Him be in control of our finances or our time. It’s easy to say that we’ll...

22 March 2017

Moments of a Lifetime

by Patricia Lake

This well-known story depicts two disciples who didn’t recognise the presence of the Lord among them, even as they journeyed and talked together with Him, in the days following the crucifixion and resurrection. On their journey to Emmaus, they were discussing the events of Jesus’ death, burial and...

21 March 2017

Shining like Diamonds

by Julie Smith

Whilst visiting our son in London he took us to the Natural History Museum. There were lots of interesting exhibits, but what caught my attention was a cabinet with a tray of beautiful diamonds. There must have been at least fifty, and as we looked at them we saw that some shone much more brightly than...

20 March 2017

Footholds and Roots

by John Berry

This verse is often used in our teaching, and the other day I experienced a good illustration of this principle. In our garden at home we have a small courtyard with a brick flower bed, and at the back of this is a brick wall, which we thought was joined on to a side wall of the house, but it was covered...

19 March 2017

The Covenant of the Cross

by Ron Scurfield

A covenant, as described in the Old Testament, is a solemn oath between two people or groups of people, which is totally binding on both sides. God is called upon as witness, thus including God as party to the covenant. It is completed by the shedding of the blood of a sacrificed animal, and sealed in...

18 March 2017

The Secret (and Sometimes Confusing) Things of God

by Paul Larsen-Robertson

When I began my Christian walk, and was trying to understand God and how He operated, I frequently struggled to work out what He was up to. I found this very difficult at times, because in my work I’d been trained to pull things apart, so I could understand them and how they could be fixed. After a...

17 March 2017

Personal Bravery

by Christel Baxter

There’s something about being brave. In many of the fairy tales we know, there’s usually a hero of some kind, who needs to be brave, and rescue a ‘damsel in distress’, or save the day in some way. We like the idea of someone defying danger on behalf of another, and winning against all odds. The...

16 March 2017

How wise are you?

by Peter Horrobin

It’s never easy to receive correction, especially when you have been believing that you’re right! But Proverbs 9 warns us that how we receive correction can be an indicator of how wise we are! For every time that we are corrected is an opportunity to learn and become wiser still. I soon learnt as...

15 March 2017

God of Surprises!

by Patricia Lake

For the disciples this was a ‘suddenly’ moment. They had heard Him teach the crowds with great authority and seen Him heal many sick people – but this was different! Suddenly there was a storm, and when they awoke Him - suddenly He did the unthinkable! The realisation that Jesus was no ordinary...

Seeds of the Kingdom - Devotional Archive

Results per page:

Displaying 1 to 10 of 3117