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Jesus welcomed the people, taught them about the Kingdom of God and healed those in need. Luke 9:11
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21 July 2018

I Can`t

by Grace Bull

I have been spending some time recently looking after my father. One of the books on his shelf caught my eye. It was about how to draw cartoons and out of curiosity I glanced through it. Suddenly one line really caught my attention. It said `You should never say "I can`t." Instead, you should say "I...

20 July 2018


by Ron Scurfield

The scripture verse for today is preceded by a reminder that God can make a way where there is no way. ‘Was it not You ... who made a road in the depths of the sea so that the redeemed might cross over?’ (Isaiah 51:10). Perhaps some of us can look back to difficult times in our lives and remember...

19 July 2018

The River

by Matt Moore

In our scripture today, the Holy Spirit is described as a river. Jesus used the same term in the Gospel of John when He predicted the outpouring of His Holy Spirit on believers at Pentecost. On a recent holiday in the northern part of the US State of Georgia, our family went ‘tubing’on the Chattahoochee...

18 July 2018

Turning Your World Upside-Down

by Richard Griffiths

It’s so easy, isn’t it, to get what I call ‘soulish’. By that I mean allowing our souls (our mind, will and emotions) to rule our lives rather than the human spirit that God has given us. Sometimes we can be all intellectual – we’ve got the truth in our heads but it’s not life-giving. Or...

13 July 2018

Just Trust Him

by Angela Kovacs

Nothing has taught me more about the Father’s heart for us than becoming a parent. The deepest revelations about Him have come in difficult situations, when I’ve had to wrestle with both my own suffering and that of my child. One of my daughters had to be vaccinated at the age of three. She was screaming...

14 July 2018

The Body of Christ

by Annalene Holtzhausen

In a world where there is so much comparison and striving, it can easily be forgotten that the Lord is the Creator of each one of us. We’re created in His image, and He delights in us (Genesis 1:27 & 31). How then is it possible that we battle with discontent and unhappiness in our lives? Perhaps the...

17 July 2018

Where’s Your Focus?

by Malcolm Wood

Recently, I heard advice being given on television about how to take good photographs with a camera which had an adjustable lens. The speaker was explaining how it’s possible to adjust the lens to emphasise the main subject of the picture, so that it stands out from its surroundings. The phrase he...

15 July 2018

With Us Always

by Jilly Lyon Taylor

Some years ago, when one of our sons was about to go away to teach in Africa on his gap year, I was writing a note for him to take with him. I asked the Lord for a word or a scripture that I could put in the letter to encourage him, and all I heard was ‘Immanuel’. Expecting a longer message, I kept...

11 July 2018


by Ken Rowat

Recently, I walked into a motor spares shop to make a purchase. As I walked around the shop with all the accessories displayed on the shelves, I realised that many years ago that same shop had been a church that I attended. The memories flooded into my mind, precious memories. I stood next to one shelf,...

12 July 2018

Trust the Lord to Turn Around That Situation

by Bernard Kariuki

He turned water into wine, providing for the wedding guests. He turned the rock into a pool of water, quenching the thirst of the Israelites. He turned the Red Sea into a dry path and made escape path for His children from Pharaoh’s army. He took a man’s rib and used it to create a woman, so the...

Seeds of the Kingdom - Devotional Archive

Results per page:

Displaying 1 to 10 of 3600