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Jesus welcomed the people, taught them about the Kingdom of God and healed those in need. Luke 9:11
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11 December 2017

Your Labour is not in Vain

by Liz Griffin

When we see the word ‘therefore’ we have to ask what it is there for. What is it that made the apostle Paul so sure that their faith and work for God was not in vain? It’s the amazing fact that Jesus rose from the dead and that He is alive forevermore! Why was the Apostle Paul so sure of this?...

10 December 2017


by Margaret Silvester

One of our favourite restaurants, in a city where we once lived, looked nothing from the outside. But the thing that attracted us to this restaurant was that the place was always full of fresh flowers, whether we went in spring, summer, autumn or winter. Their fragrance was one of the first welcomes...

9 December 2017

Spreading the Light

by Malcolm Wood

The other day, whilst admiring our new wardrobe, we noticed how much lighter the room seemed. We realised that the mirrored wardrobe doors were reflecting the daylight that was coming through the window, and, although the source of light remained constant, it was being distributed around the room and...

8 December 2017

God’s Unending Grace

by Richard Griffiths

Have you ever stood watching waves crashing in on an ocean shore? Many times, I’ve walked along the Atlantic coast of Cornwall. On even the most windless day, the great swell keeps rolling in. It never stops. The cliffs there are granite – immensely hard. And yet the power of the waves has carved...

7 December 2017

Peace in the midst of the storm

by Jilly Lyon Taylor

On a visit to Israel, I went to Galilee and saw the remains of a boat that had been unearthed after being buried in the sand on the shore of the lake, probably since around the time of Jesus. It was smaller than I’d imagined, so when I read again the story of the storm on the lake in Matthew Chapter...

6 December 2017

New Wineskins

by John Berry

In today’s world everything seems so expensive. The cost of energy, food and even clothing often makes us think twice about whether we really can afford it. There are many thousands of people in the UK, who struggle to purchase basic foods for their families. The problem is that we often cut corners...

5 December 2017

The Lord is with Us

by Liz Griffin

The psalmist describes situations of turmoil and stress as the earth giving way, the mountains being moved into the sea, the waters roaring and foaming, the mountains trembling, the nations raging, and the kingdoms tottering. And in the midst of all this, God says ‘Be still’? It’s a command. ‘Be...

4 December 2017


by Paul Watson

I’m a people-watcher. Whether it’s in a country town in Western Australia, a village in Wales, or the amazing metropolis of Mumbai, I observe people in their activity and wonder whether they’re living out the fullness of their potential. Every person is so valuable. Genesis Chapter 1 tells us that...

3 December 2017

Christmas, a Story of Love

by Bernard Kariuki

The reason why Jesus came here on earth to us, is because of love. His Father so loved us that He found us suitable to be a bride for His Son. He left the heavens and its beauty, said goodbye to His Father, and started on a journey to earth, by means of the virgin Mary. He loved us enough to pay the...

2 December 2017

Feathers tell a Story

by Denise Cross

Many years ago, when we lived in a Highland Glen, we used to keep chickens. They had a warm and dry home in a little run, but during the day they got a chance to enjoy the garden, pecking and scratching in the earth; they just loved the freedom! By day we could watch over them and by night we had provided...

Seeds of the Kingdom - Devotional Archive

Results per page:

Displaying 1 to 10 of 3379