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Jesus welcomed the people, taught them about the Kingdom of God and healed those in need. Luke 9:11
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15 October 2018

Money, Sex and Power (3)

by Peter Horrobin

This is the third of a series of Seeds of the Kingdom devotionals about the three most dangerous temptations, money, sex and now power. Power and authority are not the same thing. A person in authority uses power to carry out what whatever it is he has to do. A boxer has power in his muscles but he only...

14 October 2018


by Jilly Lyon Taylor

Outside the dining room at Pierrepont there is a large oak tree, and at present the ground surrounding it is littered with thousands of acorns. Every time I pass by I marvel at the fruitfulness of this one tree and the number of acorns it has produced, and it makes me think about Jesus’s desire for...

13 October 2018

The Favour of God

by Yulia Kariuki

When something good happens to unbelievers, they call it luck, but we Christians call it a blessing and the favour of God. If we are to describe a favour of God, we can say that it is an unmerited love and unearned divine favour. We know from the story of Noah in Genesis 6, that when the Lord grieved...

12 October 2018

Where is Your Treasure?

by Patricia Lake

Many happy hours have been spent by a young child (and some adults alike) searching for hidden treasure. The thought of treasure delights the imagination, for the searcher knows that something special awaits the one who finds it. This is also true in the spiritual. From today’s scripture we learn that...

11 October 2018

God’s Compassion

by Margaret Davies

Recently, when helping out at Blairmore, during ‘Bridge from the Head to the Heart’, one of their creativity courses, we were sitting in the breakfast room, where we observed one of the guests sitting across the grass on the steps of the conference room, weeping her heart out. She wasn’t aware...

10 October 2018

Planting a Seed

by Peter Brokaar

At our recent International Leaders Conference at Ellel Pierrepont, Peter Horrobin encouraged us all to take home an acorn. The idea is that we would plant it back at our centres and see it grow over the years as a reminder that all great things start small. Oak trees grown from Pierrepont acorns will...

7 October 2018

A Shield About Me

by Liz Griffin

How amazing King David was! He was in the worst of situations imaginable. His own son, Absalom, had turned against him and wanted him dead. He knew how many enemies he had, and yet he had an assurance of being under God’s protection. The Lord was a shield for him. In desperate times, the Lord looked...

8 October 2018

Amazing Grace

by Denise Cross

I’m sure many of us feel touched when we sing John Newton’s much-loved hymn Amazing Grace. The words ‘Amazing grace, how sweet the sound, that saved a wretch like me’ resonate deeply with me and possibly do with you especially if, like me, you recognise living as a ‘lost wretch’ before Jesus...

9 October 2018


by Annalene Holtzhausen

Kindness is one of the most beautiful attributes and can be portrayed by something as simple as a smile or the way you look at someone. It speaks love and acceptance to the person on the receiving end and makes them feel noticed and valued. In Galatians 5:22 and 23 we also read that it is part of the...

6 October 2018

Called to Bear Much Fruit

by Andreas Hefti

Ria and I have been watching the sunflowers in our garden and marvel how one little seed brings forth hundreds of new seeds. Such a task could be overwhelming, but it’s a process of natural growth. An apple doesn’t choose to push itself out of a branch one day by sheer strength. It slowly grows and...

Seeds of the Kingdom - Devotional Archive

Results per page:

Displaying 1 to 10 of 3685