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Jesus welcomed the people, taught them about the Kingdom of God and healed those in need. Luke 9:11
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22 August 2017


by Bernard Kariuki

Egg, larva, pupa, and butterfly, these stages are known as a metamorphosis. Each stage is crucial to forming a beautiful butterfly. They eat well in the larva or caterpillar stage, and then hang on a branch to wait for the pupa stage. It looks like nothing is going on inside the pupa, but there’s a...

19 August 2017

Spiritual Gardening

by Fiona Horrobin

Our lives are created by God to be rather like a garden. A garden is meant to be alive with growth and each garden tells a picture. There are no two gardens alike because trees, plants and grass are alive, and each grow entirely differently. A garden is designed to have needs and when those needs are...

18 August 2017

The Secret Things of God

by Christel Baxter

I made a study recently about hidden or secret things that are spoken of in God’s Word. It was by no means an exhaustive study on the topic, but the little I did discover was exciting to me! There are two kinds of hidden or secret things: godly secrets and ungodly, or sinful, secrets. Ungodly secrets...

20 August 2017

God has Plans

by Fatima Yakubu

Many of us will be very familiar with verse 11 of this scripture passage that talks about God having a plan for our lives, which I personally find quite encouraging. I believe that knowing God has a plan and purpose for each of us gives us immense hope for the immediate and distant future of our lives....

16 August 2017

The Journey

by Ron Scurfield

Where did we come from? What was the beginning of our existence? Did it all start with the twinkling of our fathers’ eye, or through the loving embrace of our parents? But perhaps we were an afterthought, or even a mistake? No. God doesn’t make mistakes. He knew us long before our parents ever met;...

17 August 2017

Closeness to God

by Jilly Lyon Taylor

I am writing this while away on holiday in Scotland with my family. My brother and his family are also with us, and my nephew has just announced his engagement to his long-standing girlfriend. This has naturally caused great excitement, and it is lovely to see the young couple so happy together and so...

14 August 2017

Unkind and Untrue

by Richard Griffiths

Have you ever found yourself in this position - a boss at work, people in authority, gossip behind your back, and someone out to ruin your reputation? And it’s even worse when you know that people are ‘sitting together’ behind closed doors and doing it. It’s upsetting and can leave you feeling...

15 August 2017

Living Longer!

by Peter Horrobin

Living longer is the dream of most men and women, but few there be who discover one of the most precious keys to a long life, which is found in our Scripture for today! And the reason they don’t find it is because they are ignorant of what God says in His Word. Holy fear of a holy God is the first...

13 August 2017

Reflect Him

by Yulia Kariuki

As I was enjoying my walk, on one of those beautiful days when the sun shines and everything around is so still, my attention was drawn to the reflection of the trees in the water. The absence of any wind, and the stillness of the day, made it possible for me to see the exact shape of the trees, perfectly...

12 August 2017

Knowing and Following

by Malcolm Wood

We all relate to other people in different ways, and our knowledge of them varies, according to the level of the relationship we have with them. Whether it be as school mates, work colleagues, neighbours, customers, patients, or relatives, the extent of our knowledge of that person depends upon the appropriateness...

Seeds of the Kingdom - Devotional Archive

Results per page:

Displaying 1 to 10 of 3268